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    Star Trek Online

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    About Star Trek Online

    If you're a fan of the Star Trek universe, then Start Trek Online will certainly draw your attention.

    Star Trek Online is a sci-fi MMORPG set in the universe known from the television shows and movies. After starting the game, we will easily sense the atmosphere of our favourite series as the main purposes of the gameplay are exploration, missions, space and ground combat and trading. The four aspects we could certainly see in Star Trek. The fans may be familiar with some characteristic places like the Starfleet Headquarters, the Mutara Nebula or Qo'noS. 

    Explore this huge universe by your own as a commander, join Star Trek Online today!

    230146 users are playing Star Trek Online

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    Opinions about Star Trek Online

    It may be very slow at first, but you slowly get more ways to play the game while enjoying the main story quests.

    15 september 2019 18:33

    suprisingly interesting and quite fun

    16 september 2019 19:19

    very cool game, it not good that not too much players on it

    17 september 2019 17:50

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