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    About RageWar

    It’s time for RageWar, an incredibly expanded and addicting strategy game, in which you decide the fate of your own civilization, which shall be expanded century by century. Your time machine crashed during the Stone Age and now it’s up to you to evolve your kingdom in the years to come, by competing with other players, discovering new technologies and constantly ensuring your economic development.

    During the fights, it is important to know that the battles include a big amount of strategy, that’s why sending troops on the battlefield isn’t enough to win. Because of the changes in time, our army can be made both of primitives barbarians and creatures from the distant future, we have a choice of 40 different types of units.

    A combination of classic strategy elements and innovative, vastly expanded additional features makes of RageWar an excellent entertainment for long hours.

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    16 june 2017 18:56

    nice one

    25 june 2017 18:59



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