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    About Final Fantasy XV

    Build your own city in the Final Fantasy XV universe. Experience a whole new adventure on your phone!

    Join your favourite characters from FFXV and build your empire by collecting valuable resources, creating the army you will elaborate some cool strategies with and take part of legendary battles along with billions of other players. Take control of the Crystal before others, invite your friends and make a powerful guild in order to defeat your enemies and a bunch of different monsters.

    Create a New Empire now!

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    The task for Final Fantasy XV

    Play and Advance your Citadel to level 10

    Reward for this task


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    7 december 2017 20:58

    мне нечего не дали у меня цидатель 10лвл

    7 december 2017 23:21

    i got 1200 and not the promoted 2600, any reason for this?

    8 december 2017 07:30

    my cidatel is level 7 :( so hard to level up

    9 december 2017 17:03

    güzel oyun ama çok zor harbi kaynak bulması falan derken güçlü biri size yardım etmesi gerek

    10 december 2017 00:53


    10 december 2017 01:48

    I g

    11 december 2017 21:06

    very very nice game 👍

    12 december 2017 05:13

    very nice game broo is bery nice damm very nice

    12 december 2017 14:14

    iyi oyun :)

    13 december 2017 14:56