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    Do u recommend bloxburg?

    Been planning to play this game but what do u think. Is it good

    31 march 2019 15:11 2173

    i think it is a bit much to the sims side and that is ok

    31 march 2019 15:30 2173

    As someone owning the accesskey, I highly don't recommend it.
    It's just a pay-to-win methodical game.
    Not worth time or effort.
    Although it has infact some genuinly good mechanics, the bad ones outnumber them.

    31 march 2019 22:08 2173

    Nah its sucks you will just lose robux on it to buy that

    4 april 2019 16:17 2173

    yea its kinda good game. . for robux but good

    6 april 2019 18:53 2173

    yup! it can be free. . but game is good!

    22 april 2019 17:33 2173

    Yes, bloxburg is amazing!

    30 april 2019 22:06 2173

    Bloxburg is good to some people to some people it's not. In my opinion, you will either like it or you will not. All you can really do is build homes and make money, just making your plot bigger or making a second floor will cost you extra robux. The game was a waste to me and I dont really enjoy playing it as much as I used to.

    25 may 2019 22:50 2173

    It's fun at times, but you can get bored of it quite easily. I don't know if it's worth buying, if you enjoy designing/building inside of ROBLOX.

    26 may 2019 09:08 2173

    Hello everyone bloxburg is awesome get build a house and get work to get money to appliances for house

    26 may 2019 10:22 2173

    Definitely recommend it. Don't wait for it to be free, it's been in beta for years now...

    26 may 2019 12:01 2173

    it is fun but the grinding is not so i guess its a p2w game

    27 may 2019 01:34 2173

    Bloxburg Is A GOOD Game

    27 may 2019 10:44 2173

    I don't recommend as the game is very laggy, glitchy and boring. I hope this helped.

    27 may 2019 12:55 2173

    It's really important to me to here that

    27 may 2019 18:04 2173

    if you buy it, you wont regret it. its the best

    28 may 2019 09:02 2173

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