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    Gta vice city?

    Gta Vice City was one of the most played games when it first appeared. And some of us still have in mind.This game is the first series of gta. First known as gta.It's so beautiful that everyone plays first.But of course, the upper levels of the gta.New gta has come out better.But I'm still playing.So you guys are playing?

    21 march 2019 15:00 1628

    When Vice City came out I didn't have a PC strong enough to run the game. And when my PC got upgraded, San Andreas was already out so Vice City was kinda irrevelant ... I played San Andreas (and even Gta IV) before Vice City. It came many years later when I finally give this game a try and because of this, it didn't have such a big impact on me. I get it why it was such a big deal in its time, but I simply don't have that emotional attachment and sense of nostalgia that those, who where playing it back then, was able to develop towards this game.

    5 april 2019 13:17 1628

    i love gta vc for its tropical graphic but i don't like it because the character can't swim (although some mods fixed it already)

    8 april 2019 08:15 1628

    I really like gta vc, it's the best among gta series in my opnion.

    3 december 2019 15:40 1628

    First game i ever played

    3 december 2019 17:09 1628

    I recently managed to pass the RC Heli mission.

    3 december 2019 17:21 1628

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