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    Task not accepted, because GameHag can´t recognize it.

    Hey guys,

    Ten days ago, "War of Angels" was the daily deal to get more gems.
    At this day, I´ve created a new account, with the link from GameHag at the Gamespage for WoA.

    Two days ago, I´ve send the screenshot with my Lvl 90 Char to gamehag, with the hope, that the task will be acceppted.
    I´ve hoped it, because I´ve made this now for the fith or sixth time.
    Now, the task was rejected.

    My message to Mysti:
    Hello. From today on 10 days ago I created a new account, including Character, in War of Angels. That's what I did because you (GameHag) have advertised this game as a special deal. Now I am at level 90 and the task is not accepted. It has now happened at least five times that you have not accepted the task, because your Alghorytmus does not recognize that you created the link from you a new account in a game. The five times were only at War of Angels. With other games, it is at least 15 times that this happened. I've had a lot of patience so far, but now I'm angry. I can prove that the account is only 10 days old, because there is a daily login event and the creation date can be seen in an email. Also, I'm starting to believe that you're doing it on purpose, so you do not have to credit the points. I ask that you finally, after the fifth time playing Level 90, accept this task. Thanks in advance for that.

    This was the standard answer:
    Your task might have been rejected because of the following reasons: - The registration process might have not been conducted through our link - The task might not have been performed properly - You might have played this game before - You might have not confirmed your registration e-mail address - Your nickname in the game might not be similar or the same as on Gamehag Please, check if all of those requirements are met on your end. In case you would need any further assistance, contact me again! :)
    NOW, I´m very very angry, because every time, when I start this quest, the algorithm of GameHag doesn´t recognize this and my work is for the garbage.

    Has anyone had the same experience?



    p.S.: To the GameHag team:
    Please check your algorithms, because I like your service and things like this makes me very angry.
    Please contact me to solve the problem at: [email protected]
    This is my main Email-address and I look every day several times into it.

    10 march 2019 03:02 3397

    This seems to be a common error that people have. I've never got it to register using 3 different ISPs, multiple different devices and multiple different private and non-private browsers. The responses I've gotten are the same as you got, generic responses that don't answer or resolve anything at all.

    21 march 2019 14:54 3397

    And when I write to the support via mail, I get no answer.

    22 march 2019 15:01 3397

    Did you make your character name the same or simular to your gamehag account name?

    25 march 2019 22:44 3397

    Yes, what else?
    I have this problem with other games here, too.
    Every time, I get the same answerfrom GameHag, like the answer in the first post.

    The algorythms here are not the best.

    I´ve written to gamehag via mail and got no answer.

    26 march 2019 00:23 3397

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