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    Moderator Rankings & More

    Some users were curious about the various ranks beside user ones on Gamehag's Site. Anyways, here are the list of moderators, their ranks, and more! The flags beside their username represents the language which they moderate.
    E.g. 🇬🇧 = English, 🇪🇸 = Spanish, etc.


    Moderators do NOT accept tasks. We only review articles and clear spam reports. For anything task related, you should contact Misty and not us since she is better equipped to assist you.

    Legendary Moderators

    • 🇬🇧 Kabash
      [Note: I do not accept any friend requests. If you wish to contact me, ping me on Gamehag's Discord: @lolkabash#7000]

    • 🇵🇱 KappaHype (Though sadly he has left the team and deleted his Gamehag account)

    Experienced Moderators

    Junior Moderators

    None. All Junior Moderators prior to 26/05/2020 have been promoted to Experienced Moderators.

    Other ranks not shown in the list:

    > Contacting Support <

    1. Message Misty: https://gamehag.com/chat/t/new

    2. Send A Help Ticket: https://gamehag.com/contact

    Please be patient and wait for their reply!

    20 july 2020 19:35 1628

    [Update] 3/10/2020
    Sadly, 🇫🇷 Thekapou2 has left the team. Wishing him all the best with his future endeavours.

    3 october 2020 14:45 1628

    Thank you for this great content. I really apprecciate, helped me a lot.

    3 october 2020 18:07 1628

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