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    Daily Steam Chest - last time opened

    I think it would be neat if the daily steam chest showed you the time you last opened it. It gets quite annoying having to check multiple times a day if you forget what time you opened it the day before.

    2 july 2020 16:03 8369

    Well if you sell the SG from the steam chest you will get a notification about it. But you dont have to be in correct time :D, the point is i dont think this is a really importnant idea

    3 july 2020 13:44 8369

    Thanks for your suggestion and it has been sent to the Gamehag Team for review.
    If you've got nothing else to add please remember to lock the thread. 🔒
    Else, we'll do so after 48 hours with no response.

    4 july 2020 04:37 8369

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