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    How to finish a task properly

    After reading through the comment section of different games on the site, it came to my attention that some people have different issues with the game tasks submission procedure. So, without further ado, let’s see how we submit the screenshots right.

    First of all, keep in mind that the Gamehag’s account name and the game’s account you decide to play must have or resemble the same name. For example, my Gamehag account is Caius011, so my name in-game must be also Caius011. If not, let’s say it’s taken, then i’ll create my name in-game something like Caius012 or Caius013, so that just a character in the name is different.


    Next up let’s say you decided to do the tasks for War Thunder and I’m not choosing it for nothing, it has the same developer as Crossout, but we’ll get back to that in a second.

    You select the game from “Get more” – “Games” dropmenu in the upper left corner of the screen on Gamehag.com. Then you click on War Thunder and click on “Play for free”. Each time you play a game to complete tasks for it you have to start fresh. That means you must register with an e-mail address that was not used before to play War Thunder or any other game from Gaijin.

    After all that was done, it’s time to jump into the game and win some fights or whatever the first task asks you to. Good, first task is complete. You take a screenshot of it. For educational purpose, after you find the in-game area that shows the number of victories on your account, you press print screen button on your keyboard, create a new bitmap image on desktop, open it with paint and press ctrl+v. That should fill the screen with the screenshot. Now, from the paint drop down menu select “save as” then “jpeg image”, give it a name and that’s it.

    Now we get back to Gamehag.com, on the War Thunder or what game you decided to play and click on the first task of the game and click on “complete”. It will ask you to drop the screenshot you took earlier in the designated rectangle. Simply drag the jpeg image from your desktop and you wait for the confirmation from the site. Most likely, if everything was done properly, the task will be accepted and you can continue to the second and third task, where the completion method is the same.

    What if we want to complete the tasks for Crossout now? It’s from the same developer, Gaijin. So we click on “play for free” and upon installation, in the account creation we input a new e-mail address, not the one we played War Thunder on. And of course, the in-game name will have to be different, in my case Caius011 that’s the name of the gamehag account was taken because I’ve used it in War Thunder, so now I’ll have to choose a new one, like Caius012.

    Let’s say that I’ve completed the first task for Crossout now. I send the screenshot but, as the rules on Gamehag specify, in-game name and Gamehag.com names should be the same or close. If the task gets rejected it could only mean that the software couldn’t see Caius011 in the screenshot, but Caius012 and didn’t take into consideration.

    In that case we have to open a ticket, but as it is automated, it will request you to take another screenshot and send it again. You can do that and it might work, but the other way around is to contact the team behind Gamehag.com in a different approach. As it was stated by an user whose comment I can’t find right now to credit him for, you talk to Misty, select “I want to tell you something...”, then “I have an idea for new functions on Gamehag.”, then you report your problem in a decent and fully explained way.

    As a conclusion:

    1. Always check that the e-mail you want to use was not attributed to the game before
    2. Have the in-game name identical or very close to the one on Gamehag.com
    3. Read carefully the task requirements
    4. Be nice to the staff, they want to help you also


    Disclaimer: English is not my first language and I do efforts to keep it free of grammar errors, so I apologize to natural English speakers for any errors.

    16 march 2020 14:01 1625

    Well, my computer can't run Crossout or War Thunder because of my processor and graphic card so it is **** to play these games on 1 FPS. So IDK what to do, every single game on my pc lags ( except Minecraft and Roblox xdd). So the only solution is to fake these screenshots ( use Photoshop or something to edit out the name ). Well, at least you published this article. Thanks :)
    EDIT: idk why Hеll is censored here xd

    19 march 2020 11:19 1625

    My replies were somehow deleted, nvm. I can follow these steps but my PC is f****** c**p. Oh yea yea Oh yea yea Oh yea yea Oh yea yea Oh yea yea
    EDIT: oh its back lol

    19 march 2020 11:25 1625

    If you want my PC specs, there you go : CPU : Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N2840 @ 2.16GHz , GPU: Intel(R) HD Graphics , RAM : 4GB , OS: Windows 10 Pro

    19 march 2020 11:29 1625

    This was really helpful. I'm kind of sad though since I had accounts for some of these games and I can't use their progress.

    19 april 2020 21:16 1625

    I have a problem at minigames

    20 april 2020 15:58 1625

    Why i dont get the gems at minigames?

    20 april 2020 15:58 1625

    wow what an amazing article thank you so much

    20 april 2020 19:33 1625

    I have attached the application letter as requested by you for the last few days ago

    21 april 2020 17:25 1625

    I think that the offers are not worth it. Just go to the app zone. For some reason mines not working. And watch ads. It says you have to download apps but you don't. Also play mini games. Also.....

    21 april 2020 23:33 1625

    yeah people need to know that they can contact support

    16 august 2020 02:37 1625

    To do task properly is on the computer because it's easy to do

    16 august 2020 16:20 1625

    umm helloo im here so I can get vidoestar premium and oh my how long does it take to get 150 soul gems

    26 october 2020 05:02 1625

    Just don't forget to follow the rules and regulations of this game, and you'll be fine!

    30 october 2020 01:31 1625

    you need to take screenshot of your whole screen if you're doing pc tasks.

    30 october 2020 04:46 1625

    This was really helpful.can you please make an article on how to level up o game hag. thank you!

    30 october 2020 07:15 1625

    i actually took the survey but after i did it correctly it said that it was not suited for you or something it took me 20 minutes to complete after that i lost hope on completing surveys to earn gems

    31 october 2020 04:52 1625

    If anyone could help me out i woould be thankful! please use the referal code "dabest". it would be of great help to me . Thank you!

    31 october 2020 11:00 1625

    i dont think im doind anything right on this app.... i have got barely any gems and have been playing nonstop for days..i don't think i am seeing all the forums either. someone help please..

    1 november 2020 15:56 1625

    i have problem with crossout i'v complete the second task and it want screenshot of me winning 5 games i won alot more but it doesnt give me my reward ! help?? where i need to screenshot ?? thanks!!!

    1 november 2020 16:21 1625

    yeahh, this problem its too often please Gamehag fix the problems with the tasks, and for phone made the same think please because tasks are not accepting from phone to nobudy, I dont know why, and waiting time its too long (to 1 month), please fix this problems

    19 november 2020 12:17 1625

    Thnx soo much dude cuz i have comepleted so many tasks and none of them are sent to gamehag

    25 november 2020 04:48 1625

    Thanks for the help. Ive been confused about tasks for some time but this cleared it up!

    26 november 2020 17:32 1625

    Yeah it happened to me sometimes. And i mad at it :D
    But still good app

    28 november 2020 16:02 1625

    Hi all. Thank you Caius011 for the information. M uch appreciaed.

    29 november 2020 12:03 1625

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