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    Thoughts about the new upcoming RPG game "Kingdom Come Deliverance"

    Thoughts and what you expect from teh upcoming game Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/379430/Kingdom_Come_Deliverance/

    21 august 2017 09:25 1628

    Graphics look good,gameplay could use a little more tweaks,Animations could use a little more tweaks (although it is still in beta),Voice acting looks good,The world looks very detailed.

    All in all,I think the game will be good

    21 august 2017 11:00 1628

    I play is game,, in steam, It very good game, must use 2 moods, Game have some problem, I running now very great thanks for i use 2 some mods , write about game in steam to , for graphics card save problem

    22 january 2019 19:29 1628

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