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    Golf Blitz (What's new ?)


    You may have already seen my previous article about this game. If no, go check it out first, as this article will be about game changes and not about gameplay itself. 

    Why do I write this ? Because Noodlecake made some updates, which completely changed this game.

    1. Ladder (Ranked) Matches

    This is the main mode to play, which doesn't cost you anything and is played to gain/lose some trophies and reach top 100 global. It's gameplay was changed a while ago. Before all players started with 0 elixir each, now starting from level 25 after each 5 levels you get one extra elixir to start with. So for example level 1-24 players will start with 0 elixir, level 25 with 1 elixir, level 30 with 2 elixir, etc. Maximum level is 50 with 6 elixir. 

    You may think that this is unfair, as lower level players will have disadvantage, but now it's easier to level up and after gaining some levels you will have an elixir boost too and that will add some more strategies, as you will be able to use various power-ups from the tee off. 

    2. Power-ups 

    There are 4 new power-ups added to this game after update, but as I didn't introduce you older power-ups, I will do it now.


    Sniper Ball -> Is like regular ball, but has a good accuracy. Is used to do accurate shots and aim for tight parts of the map.
    Fireball -> Has more power than other balls. Good power-up to skip some parts of the map with a long shot. 
    Speed Ball -> acts like regular ball, but has more speed. Is used to pass some parts of the map faster and come to rest faster. 
    Sticky Ball -> Sticks on any place you aim.
    Grenade Ball -> If other balls are in range, it explodes and pushes other balls away from him. Activates only if it's in contact with other ball or any part of a platform. 
    Anti-Grav -> is a complete opposite of default ball. Gravity is reversed and your ball will fly upwards instead of falling down.
    Laser-Ball -> Travels with a straight line until it touches anything (wall, platform, other ball). After a touch, it will fall straight down.
    Shield Ball -> Protects you from dangerous things. Those are: lasers and saws in any map, Grenade Balls, Saw Balls. If it goes into the water, shield pops up, ball bounces and becomes a regular ball. 
    Repel Ball -> Activates after 1 second and pushes other balls away. No matter if it's mid-air or on platform. 
    Space Ball -> Flies with a straight line, and stops after traveling some distance (floats mid-air). Again, good to cut some parts of a map.
    *Ghost Ball -> Ball becomes untouchable. Other balls will pass right through it and it won't be affected by Saw Ball. Though can still be affected by Grenade or Repel Ball.
    Super Speed Ball -> acts like Speed Ball, but is a lot faster.
    *Heavy Ball -> This ball doesn't bounce at all and is a good power-up to push other balls around. 
    *Saw Ball -> Will cut any ball it touches. Well... almost any. 
    *Spider Ball -> Sticks to the platform and walks some part of it, depending how powerful and fast was the shot.
    Tunnel Ball -> Tunnels through platform and acts like a regular ball after exiting the first platform. 

    The ones with " * " are the new power-ups. 

    3. Challenge Mode 

    The main thing to spend gems on. It's either 12 wins or 3 loses. After each win, you claim a reward. More wins = more valuable rewards. There are 2 difficulties: Amateur (starting from level 10) and Pro (Starting from level 20).


    All games are 1 v 1 and both players' golfer stats will be capped to the same number to make it a fair game. And there won't be an elixir boost, so both players will start with the same elixir amount. Of course Pro Challenge mode gives better rewards, but winning 5 Amateur modes will give you almost the same rewards as winning 1 Pro Challenge mode. During each weekend, special Challenge mode appears with some special rewards. Those can be special Epic Golfers, Emotes or Legendary Hats. Grinding this mode can level up your golfer very fast (of course if you win them). 

    If you get 3 loses, you can purchase one more try with some gems. You will be able to do it several times, but price will be doubled after every purchase. 

    4. Special Deals And Free Stuff

    Just Like before, there are some good Deals, which can give you great amount of gems with a low price. But there are now new ones too, which give some exclusive emotes or Special golfer, which is available in store only one season.

    Game now also has some Free Stuff, which can be claimed each 12 hours. It contains some bux, gems and a classic pack. Those, who didn't purchase anything, can collect them by watching some Ads, but if you buy anything from store (doesn't matter how much it costs), you will be able to collect free stuff without watching Ads.



    5. Other things 

    There are Season Rewards for everybody now. Before, they gave rewards only to those, who was in top 100 or in a good team. Now each player can get reward, depending on his/her trophy count. Those are Pack + Bux. That can help lower level players to level up even faster and get some useful cards from packs. Though for higher ranked players it's almost useless. Unless you get very lucky and get something you wanted from packs. 

    There is also a place, where your played matches are saved. Golf Blitz TV will save last 10 games you play. So if you do a good or lucky shot, it won't be lost. You will be able to watch it again, record it and maybe share it with others. But it will see them as a spectator, so you will only see the shot and not the aiming angle.

    There are other improvements too, but I won't be able to describe them all, as you may not understand them if you didn't play this game much. So hope you will join and find out the rest in-game. 



    • Active Community and Staff members. Main things happen in discord. You can find lots of players and talk to them all. So join it if you are interested -> https://discord.gg/golfblitz
    • Live stream before each season end with some top players' gameplay and Staff commentary. 
    • Updating game: Staff looks for some ideas and implements them whole time. Also work on bugs, which players share.
    • No Ad Popups. You will only see Ads if you want to collect free stuff (and that will be only if you want so). There won't be any random ads appearing during the game. 


    • RNG/Luck involved. Sometimes your matches can be decided by pure luck, so be ready for that.
    • Less season rewards for high leveled players


    25 november 2019 13:48 1625

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