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    Raid: Shadow Legends is a network game which takes the player to Teleria - a world managed by Lord Siroth. The player's task is to fight against evil and win. You need to free the world from the evil powers so the harmony reigns again. The players must perfectly plan their activities and properly manage the resources they have. The right tactics is the keys to success. The game is very well refined in terms of graphic design and animation. The gameplay can be quite personalized, so it doesn't get boring too quickly, even when we start the game a second time.


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    Raid: Shadow Legends is a network game which takes the player into the world called Teleria. Lord Siroth reigns there. The goal of the game is to win over the evil forces and free the world out of their rules. Let harmony and order reign again. This is not a simple task, the user must perfectly plan his activities and manage appropriately owned resources to achieve the goal. The game impresses with perfectly refined graphic design and interesting animations.

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