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    Raid: Shadow Legends 75 zł bg

    Get Raid: Shadow Legends 75 PLN absolutely for free!

    Raid: Shadow Legends 75 PLN bg

    Raid: Shadow Legends 75 PLN

    Game recharges

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    To 31 days

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    Game recharges


    Raid: Shadow Legends is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that takes place in a dark fantasy world. You create a hero by selecting his or her class, then you enter the world of Midgard and start fighting your way through one adventure after another. In our offer you will find 75 PLN, premium currency in the game, which allows you to buy many items from the in-game store. The game provides a player with a choice of five classes and allows you to create a team of up to 3 players. Your task is to find and destroy the enemy base. In the process, you will visit dozens of locations and fight against numerous monsters. Use the purchase code to get 75 PLN for free!