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    Raid: Shadow Legends 350 Gems PL bg

    Get Raid: Shadow Legends 350 Gems PL absolutely for free!

    Raid: Shadow Legends 350 Gems PL bg

    Raid: Shadow Legends 350 Gems PL

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    Raid: Shadow Legends is a free to play MMORPG in which we can take control of one of the three character classes and fight against other players. The game was created by the creators of the popular Lineage 2. In Raid: Shadow Legends, we can build our own fortress and lead our guild to the top of the rankings! Exchange your Soul Gems for 350 Gems PL (Premium). The standard currency of Raid: Shadow Legends is the Gem. You can exchange Soul Gems for it - starting from 350 Gems! Thanks to the gems, you can purchase new cards and unlock their full potential. In addition, you can develop your characters and improve them! With the gems, you will also be able to buy equipment and gear that will help you in battles! The premium currency in Raid: Shadow Legends allows players to buy items from the store, participate in auctions and expand the equipment of their characters.