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    FAMAS is an accurate and reliable assault rifle. It has a fast rate of fire, which allows you to quickly eliminate the enemy. The weapon has a built-in silencer which reduces the sound of shots. You can buy it in the in-game store or get it for free with our help! Exchange your Soul Gems for the FAMAS. The FAMAS is a compact and maneuverable assault rifle created by the French company GIAT Industries. It is based on the idea of the Belgian designed FN FAL, and was adopted by the French military in 1978. Get your FAMAS and show everyone what you're worth! Exchange your Soul Gems for the FAMAS. CS:GO Famas is a powerful automatic weapon with high accuracy. It is suitable for firing in close combat and long distance. Famas was designed in France by Valéry Giscard d'Estaing - the President of France at that time. This assault rifle has a unique camouflage pattern, which is called "Digital Woodland". This pattern is used by the French army. Exchange your Soul Gems for this unique CS:GO Famas skin.