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    FAMAS | Cyanospatter bg

    Get FAMAS | Cyanospatter absolutely for free!

    FAMAS | Cyanospatter bg

    FAMAS | Cyanospatter

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another part of the game series called Counter-Strike. FAMAS is a weapon that was introduced in the French version of the game and later added to other versions. It has a rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute and deals more damage at close range than the M4A1. This skin is painted with cyanospatter as a template and it's available for exchange at Gamehag! The FAMAS is one of the most popular weapons in the game. The model has an excellent recoil control, which allows you to shoot at long distances. You can use the FAMAS Cyanospatter in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The skin was painted with a stencil on which there are green splashes of paint. Exchange your Soul Gems for the FAMAS Cyanospatter.