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    FAMAS | Survivor Z bg

    Get FAMAS | Survivor Z absolutely for free!

    FAMAS | Survivor Z bg

    FAMAS | Survivor Z

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a dynamic shooter, in which the players are divided into two teams - the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. The former are trying to plant a bomb or kill all the people on the map, while the latter must prevent this. The weapon of choice for many pros, the FAMAS rifle is an excellent choice for close quarters combat. The gun was covered with a green-red paint undercoat and decorated with custom details. Exchange your Soul Gems for the FAMAS Survivor Z. Famas is a bullpup assault rifle from France. It is a weapon with high accuracy and does not need much maintenance. The skin of the FAMAS Survivor Z is a modified version of the skin from the game Counter-Strike: Source. This one looks better and more interesting. Exchange your Soul Gems for a FAMAS Survivor Z.