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    vladislav_slepov Flag ru

    9 months ago


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    received a reward - P250 | Mint Kimono.
    1 year ago
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    opened Welcome Chest and won Runa Fehu.
    1 year ago


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    Time to be hero

    It's time to become a Hero! In this browser game you will become a savior who must protect the city from various threats. Do not worry, although the first moments may seem difficult, but You have advisers who are ready to help or give a new task at each moment. You start, of course, with simple monsters, like boars and bears, de...


    Icarus Online or Riders of Icarus - as it is called in other regions - this is the MMORPG based on the CryEngine 3 game engine from the Korean company Wemade developed in 2014. There are 6 classes of riders: guardian, berserk, assassin, mage, priest and archer, where the character editor allows you to create a unique and detaile...


    Razdor - is free browser based RPG which was created in 2010 and still attracts a huge number of players since the developers created a wonderful world with magical creatures and atmospheric events take place. The game itself is based on a conflict between two parties: people who collaborate with gnomes and orcs who have an all...

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