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    Travian is one of the most popular strategic games, which has become nearly a legend! The game is set during the wars against German and Gallic barbarians. So we start by choosing between one of three available factions. We can play the Gauls, who are the masters of defense; the Teutons specialized in the attack and the Romans, ...

    Dragon Awaken

    Dragon Aawaken is a free-to-play MMORPG game based in a fantastic world filled with dragons.Our adventure begins by choosing our character's gender. The hero will have to be unceasingly enhanced in order to keep up as a legendary dragon knight. A turn-based fighting system gives lots of different possibilites and that helps us t...

    Cabals: Card Blitz

    Cabals: Card Blitz is an automated collectible card game developed by the Kyy Games studio. If you do like the card games, but you are not too convinced of real-time duels, then Cabals: Card Blitz has been made specially for you!Build your own decks with unique cards and prove their utility in fast 30-seconds battles against AI....

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