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    1 month ago


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    Prypriat, Ukraine


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    opened Mobile App Chest and won Runa Ansus.
    8 months ago
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    Reached 2 level
    8 months ago


    Recently played

    Final Fantasy XV

    PLEASE NOTE: This offer is available just for NEW users!Build your own city in the Final Fantasy XV universe. Experience a whole new adventure on your phone!Join your favourite characters from FFXV and build your empire by collecting valuable resources, creating the army you will elaborate some cool strategies with and take part...

    Harvest Land

    Harvest Land is a farm simulator settled in slavic theme and culture with a pleasant musical accompaniment and candy-like graphic.Great men and their wives went on a long adventure in the hope of finding a new home. They arrived on native lands on a large island, where there's a place for fruit trees and large fields.The Slavs a...

    Merge Dragons!

    What would you do if some small little creature asked for your help? I don't think you would be able to refuse it. The problem is that the soul of this little dragon was petrified in statues and now it needs a little help to come back to life.Your first task will be to drag all three statues next to each other. Merge them with a...

    Vikings: War of Clans Mobile

    PLEASE NOTE: This offer is available just for NEW users!The Vikings fans finally can move to mythic world in Mobile version of a genuine MMO game. Grab your battle axe and conquer the world of the Vikings! Your challenge is to lead your village and people to rule the world!Become a real earl, expand your village and carry out th...

    Island Experiment

    A group of scientists landed on a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean. They are going to investigate the mystical circumstances of the fall of the military satellite After breaking camp, they discover that around there are strange statues and obelisks that do not look like Indian buildings. Giant statues of the ancient gods' ...

    Blaze of Battle

    Blaze of Battle is a free, strategic mobile game in which you'll build a powerful city and fight millions of players around the world for glory! Prove that you are the best ruler in the world of Blaze of Battle! Build a city, train the best knights who stand up for the kingdom and become invincible. Create your own alliance or ...

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