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    11 months ago

    Blizzard's most recent release, Warcraft 3: Reforged, now has the lowest user rating of any video game ever on the aggregate review site Metacritic.

    The recent release of Warcraft 3: Reforged has been met with much disappointment from fans, so much so that the title is now reportedly the lowest user-rated video game of all time on Metacritic, with an average user score of 0.5. Warcraft 3: Reforged, which released less than a week ago, had already dropped to a user review score below 3 just twenty-four hours after release, but it's beginning to look as if the more time people have with the game, the less enthusiastic about it they become.

    Blizzard has had a hard time keeping its fans happy lately. The company seems to jump from one controversy to another, whether it's suspending Hearthstone players for making political statements against the Chinese government or not delivering on gameplay fixes and graphical updates which were promised to those who were looking forward to Warcraft 3: Reforged's release. With the upcoming title, Diablo 4 promising 4K HD gameplay and a return to the classic Diablo format, the state of Warcraft 3: Reforged may make some fans think twice before getting too excited.

    As reported by VGCWarcraft 3: Reforged is now the lowest user-rated video game of all time on Metacritic, with a current score of 0.5 out of 100. This is due to more than 8,300 negative reviews from around the world and in multiple languages, and while some of these user reviews give off the impression of people just trying to jump on a bandwagon, many others are detailed, well-explained reasons why Warcraft 3: Reforged disappointed fans so much.

    Not only is the game missing features that were promised to players during marketing, but it also has made another, more insidious change to the way custom games in Warcraft 3: Reforged work. Previously, players were free to modify and share their created, customized Warcraft III games as much as they wanted to, but now Blizzard has added new rules which state any custom game modes created in the Warcraft 3: Reforged engine belongs to them exclusively, and they also have the right to shut down any mod they deem inappropriate.

    Blizzard's latest release mirrors a problem that has plagued the video game industry more and more in the past decade, namely games coming out with missing or reduced features that they were marketed and sold on the basis of. Often, companies try to amend this issue by offering patches, free DLC, in-game currency, and other placations, but the main issue of truth in advertising has yet to be addressed by the industry at large. Warcraft 3: Reforged is simply the latest example of such practices, and the low user score it has received is proof fans are getting sick and tired of it.

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    11 months ago

    Swedish developer Markus Person launched the revolution when he introduced to the world, now legendary, Minecraft in 2009

    Unless you have personally played Minecraft, you certainly know at least someone who is constantly playing this incredibly popular video game. However, if you don't know what Minecraft really is, how it plays, and why it's so popular, here's the answer.

    Minecraft appeared on May 17, 2009, and was made by Swedish developer Markus Person and his company Mojang. It owned Minecraft until last year when Markus sold it to Microsoft for a whopping $ 2.5 billion.
    More than 54 million copies of Minecraft have been sold so far, and this game has inspired many things: new lego dice, movies, and even tourism.

    What exactly is Minecraft?

    Basically, Minecraft is a massive, first-person, endless game where the main focus is on exploring and creating a variety of objects that come to mind. Each time the game loads the environment will be randomly created and will be different, so the gameplay will never be the same.

    The whole world is made of dice blocks that the player can move and arrange as he likes, all with the aim of forming everything you can imagine.

    One of the more interesting examples comes from the Danish government, which has replicated the most important tourist destinations that this country has to offer tourists.
    "Survival Mode"

    In Minecraft's main survival mode, the game starts with a world full of resources (wood, stone ...), and the goal is to make a life for the main character called Steve. The shift of day and night is constant. The day is aimed at gathering resources for construction, while the night is intended for surviving zombies wandering around. The only way to survive at night is to create a home to stay in.

    Unless this sounds too challenging to you, when you visit a mine to collect the materials you need to build, a creature called "creeper" will find it difficult. If you go into the wrong mine, you may be eaten by a "creeper", and any resources you have on that character will remain at the place where you died until you go and pick them up with the new Steve.

    "Creative Mode"

    In this mode, players have all the resources available to them, and the goal is to create objects as desired. The player will not be affected by hunger, zombies, or any kind of damage. To put it simply, this is a mod for all those who want to show off their creative side and make something amazing out of dice blocks.

    "Adventure Mode"

    Players can create their own game modes, and other players can try their hands at them. "Adventure Mode" was introduced in Minecraft 1.3 and is similar to "Survival mode", in that the goals depend on what the creator of the model, or map, imagined.

    "Spectator Mode"

    In this mode, the only thing players can do is fly through the world and watch it, without any interaction with the blocks and everything on the map.

    This game also offers a multiplayer mode.

    Minecraft is available for almost every current platform: Android, iOS, Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, while a newer version is available for PS Vita, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


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    11 months ago

    The job of a football manager is difficult and uncertain, but in the new edition of the most famous managerial simulation, the future is easier to build than ever before.

    It is interesting how the culture of football can be traced through the Football Manager game series. For example, the new issue of FM simulates some anomalies in the football world, such as famous football players in protest ignoring their contractual obligations and disappearing without reporting, just as Neymar disappeared to PSG this summer. Now at the start of the season, you can set disciplinary measures for such behaviors. There is still no punishment for football players for the content they leave on Instagram, but I am sure that one day they will also be part of the football culture in Football Manager.
    This year's manager is not planning such a future yet, but planning for the future is his main novelty. The two main things that have undergone the biggest changes are the negotiations with the club management and the monitoring of the youth. In negotiations, you can now clearly define a five-year work plan and agree with the management for each season the criteria by which your performance will be measured. Young talents can be more specific about your plan for the specific seasons covered by their contracts, so it is easier to come to an agreement with the football players when it comes to their expectations of minutes on the field.

    Both of these innovations are extremely useful to Football Manager 2020 and help you understand each job as a step-by-step project. In real football, club owners often do not have the patience for managers who do not produce results in the first season but are still required to have long-term work plans and a vision of the future. As for the young talents, on which the future is most often based, it is now easier to track them in one place called the Development Center, where you will be greeted with reports and analysis on a staff of academy football players or those you have hired.
    I understand if you are not overly excited about the things mentioned above. These are useful novelties, but they are not worth the amount they are looking for. The rest of the story is probably familiar to you - the view of the match did not budge, and the interaction with the media and the footballers is terribly repetitive and boring. And it is precisely this segment of the football world outside the lawn that should be the most dynamic and challenging for the manager. Unfortunately, the game is sometimes difficult to cope with and these systems are long overdue. It has happened to me that an injured footballer is forcing me to leave the club because he is "looking for a new career challenge" and I have no option to tell him: "Stop the guy, who am I to sell you such a limp now?"

    It is a comforting thing to have a solid match simulation system this year, at least in my experience so far. I did not notice any deviation from what would be considered normal "ball is round" occurrences. In fact, I would say that this year the actions during the match seemed more elaborate and natural to me than ever before. Maybe it's just a subjective view, and maybe they really tried to make the action on the field look playful.

    If you remember my reviews of earlier Football Managers then you know that the interface in these games is my main opponent. I do not mean to repeat myself this year, but I have the material because literally nothing has changed in this field. It is still a real pain for me to give an individual football player some instruction on how to behave on the field.
    qu4Jf9NMrcybNBAbGXTpRqWfsrq2av.pngI still find it odd that there is no option for predefined changes. For example, I take the end of the game and want to replace the striker with a defensive footballer to keep the score - I always have to do it manually, pausing the match. There are no suggestions for quick changes during the match, like in Fifa or PES.

    Despite this, the gameplay formula is as addictive as ever. The manager is archaic but remains unsurpassed year after year. I play rare games with as much tension as I do with a manager. When my team is having a hard time winning, I care about the interface and the lack of real news - it is celebrated until dawn. However, when it comes to the ball it is clear that it can always do better, and in the case of a manager, it should be better.

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    11 months ago
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    Commented League of Legends.
    11 months ago

    Best game i ever played like for real and you should try it

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    Commented League of Legends.
    11 months ago

    Hmm this game is nice i like it so much, i love all champions


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