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    Here's everything you need to know about Minecraft

    Swedish developer Markus Person launched the revolution when he introduced to the world, now legendary, Minecraft in 2009

    Unless you have personally played Minecraft, you certainly know at least someone who is constantly playing this incredibly popular video game. However, if you don't know what Minecraft really is, how it plays, and why it's so popular, here's the answer.

    Minecraft appeared on May 17, 2009, and was made by Swedish developer Markus Person and his company Mojang. It owned Minecraft until last year when Markus sold it to Microsoft for a whopping $ 2.5 billion.
    More than 54 million copies of Minecraft have been sold so far, and this game has inspired many things: new lego dice, movies, and even tourism.

    What exactly is Minecraft?

    Basically, Minecraft is a massive, first-person, endless game where the main focus is on exploring and creating a variety of objects that come to mind. Each time the game loads the environment will be randomly created and will be different, so the gameplay will never be the same.

    The whole world is made of dice blocks that the player can move and arrange as he likes, all with the aim of forming everything you can imagine.

    One of the more interesting examples comes from the Danish government, which has replicated the most important tourist destinations that this country has to offer tourists.
    "Survival Mode"

    In Minecraft's main survival mode, the game starts with a world full of resources (wood, stone ...), and the goal is to make a life for the main character called Steve. The shift of day and night is constant. The day is aimed at gathering resources for construction, while the night is intended for surviving zombies wandering around. The only way to survive at night is to create a home to stay in.

    Unless this sounds too challenging to you, when you visit a mine to collect the materials you need to build, a creature called "creeper" will find it difficult. If you go into the wrong mine, you may be eaten by a "creeper", and any resources you have on that character will remain at the place where you died until you go and pick them up with the new Steve.

    "Creative Mode"

    In this mode, players have all the resources available to them, and the goal is to create objects as desired. The player will not be affected by hunger, zombies, or any kind of damage. To put it simply, this is a mod for all those who want to show off their creative side and make something amazing out of dice blocks.

    "Adventure Mode"

    Players can create their own game modes, and other players can try their hands at them. "Adventure Mode" was introduced in Minecraft 1.3 and is similar to "Survival mode", in that the goals depend on what the creator of the model, or map, imagined.

    "Spectator Mode"

    In this mode, the only thing players can do is fly through the world and watch it, without any interaction with the blocks and everything on the map.

    This game also offers a multiplayer mode.

    Minecraft is available for almost every current platform: Android, iOS, Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, while a newer version is available for PS Vita, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


    11 february 2020 13:13 1625

    i played minecraft for 3 years now, its best game ever

    22 february 2020 13:32 1625

    Those info's are really sth

    24 february 2020 04:56 1625

    what about mods?

    15 april 2020 07:27 1625

    nice forum but theres several small mistakes

    29 april 2020 07:15 1625

    thx for the info

    29 april 2020 08:10 1625


    29 april 2020 08:10 1625

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