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    9 months ago


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    Commented Eternal Magic.
    1 year ago

    bruh i just wanna try a nice simple game like blade and soul but the link is broken. Then this game is under the brwoser game category. Then i have to install it for how much; 14.5 GB!!!!!!!!!

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    1 year ago

    Clash Royale became a pay to win game

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    1 year ago


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    For sure every fan of the Soul Calibur series will be extremely happy to see his favourite characters in this browser game, created by the studio Game Spirit. This free MMO RPG game is a new version of a well-known production. What character will you choose this time? You have a possibility to choose a hero ( Yun-Seong, Raphael,...

    Magic: The Gathering Arena

    Magic: The Gathering Arena is a collector's card game created by Wizards of the Coast, moved to the virtual world.Develop your creativity by creating various, powerful decks that include creature, artifact and spell cards. Good combination of cards and wise use of them will give you and advantage over the opponent and lead you t...

    Eternal Magic

    Eternal Magic is a free to play MMORPG. Created by Chinese company Duoyi Network famous because of the Shenwu game line. It has huge fantasy world where players can create their own unique style of fight using special categories for each class: basic, rune, ace in the sleeve, specialized, and passive skills. If you are fan of Pv...

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