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    PLEASE NOTE: This offer is available just for NEW users!Build your own city in the Final Fantasy XV universe. Experience a whole new adventure on your phone!Join your favourite characters from FFXV and build your empire by collecting valuable resources, creating the army you will elaborate some cool strategies with and take part...

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    PLEASE NOTE: This offer is available just for NEW users! If you can see that a mobile game or app receives a nomination from Google Play, you can tell one thing - the game in question is not a ordinary product. But it is up to you how you will rate Lords Mobile - a mobile real-time strategy created by IGG, which is already renow...

    Imperial Hero II

    Imperial Hero II is a MMORPG with a bunch of quests, monsters, locations and battles. There are plenty things to do, besides upgrading the hero, you can trade, participate in diplomacy wars and many others, just to climb to the top of the rating. Go deep into the dungeons, fight in the arena, bargain at the auction - just becom...

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