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    (4.25/5) 12 rates
    KayZeeSlayerCsgo, 23 december 2018 20:41

    Top Desert Eagle Skins

    Counter Strike Global Offensive have so many skins to choose from. Desert Eagle is a powerful hand gun and very fun to use that's why i am going to recommend you and help you to choose a beautiful skin for desert eagle.These skin are from everyone's budget so every one can get a desert eagle skin.

    I did not include StatTrack weapons because desert eagle skins are a little expensive and StatTrack make them so out of hands. Some are a little expensive and some are in everyone's budget.T

    1) Desert Eagle Blaze :

    Desert Eagle Blaze is a very beautiful skin but it is very expensive and is only for high budget.It has a really cool texture with a fire on its front and a black color to its back.I have seen this in pro matches and this look so sick with some stickers pasted on the right spots.if you can also buy a glove skin which matches with the desert eagle blaze skin the stickers and the desert eagle blaze with matching gloves just looks so beautiful.Starting from $100.37 to $99.47 is not that worth as you can also buy cheap desert eagle skin which are also good looking.

    2) Desert Eagle Code Red : 

    This skin is just so extremely attracting and the fact that this is the newest desert eagle skin feels very good.This is so different from all the desert eagle and this is so unique skin that i really recommend you to get this skin.This skin has white and red stripes.The white,Black and red color are so matching and bright.Starting from $57.08 to $12 is a really good skin with a good price.Paste stickers on it which makes the gun so much more attracting and good looking.

    3) Desert Eagle Kumicho-Dragon :

    This skin in my opinion is the most sick and good looking skin for the cheap desert eagle skins.The colors are very bright and the texture are very beautiful.The dragon in the center is very beautifully made and the purple handle with a dragon. I really recommend you if you like skins with bright colors and dragon style skin so you should really try this.Starting from $16.44 to $4.65 is a very cheap skin for a wonderful skin like this.Stickers on this skin makes this skin even more attracting.

    4) Desert Eagle Crimson Web

    This skin is very unique as well, and if your collecting crimson web skin so make sure to buy this skin as well.If your not interested in dragon style skins so you should try this skin as this is a very beautiful skin to have.This skin have some nice and dark texture which i really like about skin.The black Webs with the red back ground is very cool texture. Starting with $53.29 to $2.40 is a good deal but do not buy this skin in factory new because its a little expensive but i recommend to buy this skin in minimal wear or lower its very similar and the price has a very huge price gap. I would recommend you not to put stickers on it as it spoils the whole skin.

    5) Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption :

    This skin is very beautiful and great for ice maps and using blue type gloves makes the skin look so sick.The blue shading is very beautiful and the texture are very cool looking.This is not a hard core looking skin but having this bright skin is very good looking and very attractive.
    I would recommend this skin if you are a casual player and like to play with this gun and are very good at this skin.Starting from $10.89 to $9.45 is a good price for this skin.

    I hope this skin list help you to choose a skin for your self.Please rate my article if it helped you.These skins are all my opinion and i included these weapons for every type of budget.

    Rate this article Top Desert Eagle Skins

    (4.25/5) 12 rates


    Thank you for the tips!

    25 december 2018 21:20

    The articles are good, but some of the skins u pick are definitely not top 5 worthy

    25 december 2018 11:47

    cool skins and article

    13 may 2021 22:57

    Amazing game

    25 december 2018 11:30

    Too Much details i like it

    25 december 2018 11:29

    Wow very nice game

    25 december 2018 11:14

    lovely xD

    26 december 2018 12:53

    Good work nic dont stop

    24 december 2018 13:26

    very nicely done bro i hope it gets accepted so people get deagle skins i will buy kumicho dragon becquse its a little cheqp than others and i loved it thx

    24 december 2018 08:47

    nice i loved it

    24 december 2018 08:21