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    guilherme_silva, 25 october 2017 20:39

    Tips & Tricks #1 | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    All right, people?

    I've already done "Tips & Tricks | Hero Zero", the "Big Farm Summary Guide" and I'm here to make "Tips & Tricks | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive".

    First of all, activate the console, in the game settings and choose the key. I recommend the "\".

    General Game Tips:
    - Watch videos of Granades.
    - Watch videos of Wallbangs.
    - Play and train on all maps.
    - Always play with a team, this makes it easier to up rank.
    - Watch the youtube channel "ZorlaK", this channel has tips in English, and if you are Portuguese or Brazilian has the advantage of being able to understand the tips of Counter-Strike in the twitch stream.

    Game Tips for Awpers:

    - Change the width of the scope, the sensitivity with awp
      How to change the width of the scope?
    -Open the console and type the command: "cl_crosshair_sniper_width" followed by the width you want in the scope. The standard sight is "1" but it is recommended to adjust to your prefer, for an awper the ideal is 2.5.

    - Change the sensitivity of awp's aim
     How to change the sensitivity of the sight?
    -Open the console and type the command: "zoom_sensitivity_ratio" followed by its measurement, this command varies between (0.8, 1, 1.2) in professional players, for an awper the ideal is 1.2.

    - Look for the professional awpers settings and use them or modify them a bit, some of the best professional awpers are for example FOX, KennyS, FalleN, and others.

    Game Tips for Rifflers:

    - Search the settings of professional Rifflers for example Coldzera, copy the settings or modify them, you can also create your own and the one that you think is ideal for you.
    -Try out various sensitivities and DPIs and see which is best for you.
    - At the time of the Spray start to shoot for the head and go lowering the cursor.

    [+18 | GAMBLING]
    - It's true that we all like skins and we feel better with them, and with gambling sites you can win or lose.
    -Recommend that you use codes to make money on websites and try to win. If you win you can deposit to withdraw and be happy :)
    Some sites are available at "ght-itzgap.webnode.com/free-skins-codes/", this is my site and is still undergoing remodeling, but there I will be posting codes that will provide you with free coins.

    - The trades help a lot in the improvement of inventory, there are sites with automatic bots but I do not recommend it since you lose a lot of money.
    -Make trades that provide you with profit and watch out for scams.

    - Watch out for the scammers, some protection tips on "ght-itzgap.webnode.com/scammers", the site is undergoing remodeling but there are some tips, websites and scammers for you not to open. If you do not understand Portuguese try to translate the site into Google translator.

    In this topic I tried to summarize to the maximum tips that I have to give, even being low rank.
    I hope you enjoyed it, if yes hope you comment, and if you have any questions add me "steamcommunity.com/id/iTzGap"

    Rate this article Tips & Tricks #1 | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (3.94/5) 16 rates

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    CS is an amazing game, and i appreciate all your tipss! Thanks

    6 april 2020 21:06

    Extremely useful tips for beginners in CS:GO!

    10 may 2021 09:52