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    guilherme_silva, 25 october 2017 20:50

    Tips & Tricks #1 | Hero Zero

    Hello, how are you ?

    I play Hero Zero with about 5 years of experience.

    How do I level up fast?

    -Find a well-developed team, as well as the friendships they provide also help to level up.
    -Enter the XP tournaments and try to stay in top 100.
    -Make all daily energies and in addition to a well-developed team buy 50% energy for you and if possible buy your team as well.
    -Save donuts to buy "Multi Tasks", this function costs [9 Donuts / Week & 99 Donuts / Forever], this function allows training, special missions and missions to be done at the same time.
    -Up your hero's hiding place.
    -Get the 100kk as fast as possible and spend on the skills, increasing the abilities greatly increase his power that with him can defeat heroes to up in honors and league.
    -Up in the league, to earn more coins and skills
    -Contract in the competition of teams (Herocon)
    - Invite your friends with your link so that at level 30 you and they earn 10 donuts, you can also create your own accounts and take advantage of a bug that I will refer to spend all the donuts and go up to level 30 in a day, but notice that it is ILLEGAL and referred to in the rules of Hero Zero.

    How do I earn donuts quickly?

    -Register in Hero Zero through a friend's link, which will make you level 30 with donuts.
    -Before confirming the account open this link: http://pt2.herozerogame.com/[email protected]&code=bd86c66863bc54b9 and change the "PT2" by your server and "[email protected] "by your e-mail. [+30 donuts]
    -After you have done the above, confirm your account. [+10 donuts]
    -Complete offers from Hero Zero Partnerships. [+--- donuts]

    I tried to give the most summarized tips for the knowledge I have in the game. I hope you enjoyed it, and comment :)

    Rate this article Tips & Tricks #1 | Hero Zero

    (4.67/5) 12 rates

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