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    Rate this article "Is PUGB More Populare than CSGO?"

    (3.71/5) 21 rates
    EatingRice, 25 october 2017 13:58

    Is PUGB More Populare than CSGO?

    I have been playing CSGO for a while, its now the most competitive FPS game, but recently PUGB (playerunknown's battlegrounds) has gotten more and more popular. Even thou its originally a third person shooter game I would still call the style of the game an first-person shooter game. Even on Twitch more people are starting to watch PUGB (playerunknown's battlegrounds) more, don't get me wrong I like the game, but I just hope that CSGO won't lose its popularity.

    I do think that PUGB (playerunknown's battlegrounds) can become more competitive and have more organized tournaments, it will probably take a year for it to really take off. The only problem I have with the game is that some computers can’t handle the game so it limits the number of players. I do also think that they should change the ranking system that the game has because at the end of the month the hours of gaming can feel somewhat thrown away. The game being so popular has made some gaming Youtubers start upload/stream more, something that I love because now I can see more of Pwediepie

    I have ranted on for too long about the game like as if I don’t like it, but I do honestly enjoy playing the game. its good and has been a long time since a game has gone that popular fast. Its a good game with a hunger game like feeling, being a fan of hunger games and gaming makes me love the game even more.  It’s also good how it’s a steam game so it has the steam market and being able to customize different things and for some people being able to play video games and make some money while doing it even thou its not always much it feels good making the money yourself.

    PUGB (playerunknown's battlegrounds) is also very skilled based so it takes a long time to be able to get good at the game, like CSGO and not like Minecraft where anyone that can click on a mouse can win a pvp (person vs person) match. Talking about skills, it’s not a pay to win game that surprisingly many games has started to do.

    Once again, I don’t dislike the game. What I want to do is to not let other competitive games die out when a new game comes out, feel free to play the new games. But just don’t forget the old ones because the classics never dies.

    Rate this article Is PUGB More Populare than CSGO?

    (3.71/5) 21 rates


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    pug g is the most beast game its cool play it trust me

    27 december 2019 14:08

    Hikfwow I have a great day out for the

    11 march 2020 04:58

    i think it is

    15 april 2020 23:21

    csgo is boss but pubg is also really good

    11 may 2020 15:26

    CSGO is more popular here in our country tho

    16 april 2020 16:53

    yes PubG Is #1 from 3 years

    26 april 2020 07:36

    love you pubg ititit

    22 july 2020 15:35

    It is! All games are better than fortnite even roblox

    12 may 2020 17:20

    i play csgo and i am here for trying to get a pubg key .pubg is the best for people who have nice specs

    20 june 2020 21:53

    I think csgo is better game.
    good article by the way

    9 march 2020 17:00