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    Rate this article "The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim game review"

    (4.55/5) 370 rates
    Kyle01, 25 april 2020 07:51

    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim game review

    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is an open world RPG with magnificent story telling and mind boggling gameplay mechanics.It also is the most recent edition to the Elder Scrolls Franchise. And even if this game is almost 9 years old the community is still going strong, fixing its bugs and modding it.It will drive you crazy how much mods there are and how much people are discussing this game


    It starts off as your are taken as a prisoner your gonna be executed with the rebels of skyrim, you are about to be executed until a sudden black dragon attacks you found your way to escape and you go a town called Riverwood from there ask to go see the Jarl
    of Whiterun from their you quest and you found out that your a Dragonborn, you have a soul of a dragon but a body of a mortal and you can absorb dragon souls and learn dragon shouts which will aid you in battle.



    The elder scrolls V skyrim features an amazing questing system and combat system.You can also roleplay in this game because you can pick from mage, thief, warrior not only that you can buy and decorate your own house and adopt a child. The NPCs are always doing something and can let take certain items from their homes if you got a good reputation with them and if you don't they will instead insult you calling you a milk drinker. you can even marry certain NPCs. However many have criticized the leveling system but in my opinion it is just perfect because you  can build your own character.This game is also about exploring the world locations and its lore.In my opinion it is easy to be distracted in this game since you a lot to do like
    • Enchant your weapons
    • Get better loot
    • do Quest 
    • Grind and lvl up
    • explore
    • Make a house
    • decorate a house
    • and shout people of a mountain



     Like any other game the elder scroll v skyrim is not perfect while it is has lots of good features we cannot forget the fact that this game is really  buggy and Bethesda (the one behind this game) just fixes a few of these bugs and let the community fix it themselves it is also worth mentioning that skyrim maybe beautiful the graphics are really outdated just like the creation engine. On top of all that Bethesda made the creation club, basically paid mods that you already have for free.There are even game breaking bugs that will destroy your save. Almost all of the quest are fun I said almost all because some quest are just fetch quest they are not fun and some are even downright tiring, hard and annoying and the quest have downgraded unlike oblivion which had the best kinds of quest in any elder scrolls franchise.


    Overall even if skyrim has flaws its still a good game and worth trying out you can spend hundreds even thousands of hours exploring the world, the lore, origins, and Easter eggs and even the tiny details.I will rate this 8/10 nothing is stopping you from playing this so I highly suggest you buy it and nothing is stopping you from hating either because some players call skyrim a downgrade compared to oblivion and morrowind.

    Rate this article The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim game review

    (4.55/5) 370 rates


    güzel oyun makale için tşk

    4 may 2020 09:29

    havalı hep oynarsın

    3 may 2020 14:30

    anyway great artical i will recommend my friends about this

    19 may 2020 15:55

    i heard that skyrim has the longest campaings i played it since 4 months ago and i am stuck ata campaing

    19 may 2020 15:54


    3 may 2020 09:37

    wow very good

    5 may 2020 05:06

    this is one of my favorite games not only because its fun but what you can do to it. MODS. theres no true potential of skyrim without mods.

    4 may 2020 16:35

    nice game bro

    3 may 2020 12:52


    3 may 2020 11:37

    wow really pixels xDD

    29 april 2020 15:52