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    (4.81/5) 16 rates
    berroni, 8 september 2018 18:34

    THE CREW 2 - PC Review

    The Crew 2 is an open world racing video game developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the sequel to 2014's The Crew.

    How do I feel personally about the game? Well, I have something like 400 hours into this game on my steam and honestly, I enjoyed the experience I have had so far. Honestly, The Crew 2 didn't win the hearts of players worldwide, and why is that? Most of the negative reviews are actually written by the standard and deluxe edition owners after gold edition owners. If you understand what I just said, great for you, 'cuz I'm not gonna explain it. I don't want to ruin this review with that. So, where did we stop?  Oh, yeah, at my experience. Let's continue. 
    I personally enjoyed the atmosphere of the game, and who can't enjoy racing down the streets at 200+mph in your own Porsche or Harley Davidson, with a sunny sky which improves your look at a gorgeous city and the beautiful nature in the car, racing down the beautiful river, or flying above the clouds? Can you name that person? You cannot, I know.
    Switching between cars and bikes, boats and is actually something I enjoyed, and  I never got tired of switching between it.

    Before we continue, I want to tell you something. This game is not a simulator. That's the most important thing you need to keep in mind before you buy it and blame me later. This is an Arcade Style racing game. If you want hyper-realism, this game is not for you, go look somewhere else. Okay, now when we have cleared that, let's proceed.  Is there any need to talk about vehicle selection? I think there is no need, so I'll just say it's great, funny and interesting. 
    The controls in this game are good.
    Ooh, there it is. Tuning. Extensive Customization. It's something you will seriously love in this game after you actually see that you spent hours in it.  You can play with friends, too! That always brings more fun to the game, if you play with the right people, ofc.
    The map area is larger than the previous game, and also there is a larger selection of events to do.
    And the most interesting thing is that there is actually more content to come, so you will never get tired of this game.

    But, let's be honest, there are some things I didn't like. I'm gonna talk about these things now.
    One of the worst things in this game is Voice acting. No adults speak like these do, believe me. 
    Also, there is not enough physical damage to vehicles which is something I never liked in any game. Music is extremely limited and becomes repetitive really quickly
    The music in this game is extremely limited and it becomes repetitive really fast.
    The multiplayer is based on NAT Type.

     Let's rate the game now.  In this game, you have a unique experience for any kind of race, and every kind of race is well made. Graphics are beautiful. The cons are nothing huge. I will rate this game 9/10, and I definitely recommend it to you!

    Rate this article THE CREW 2 - PC Review

    (4.81/5) 16 rates


    i have big ****

    7 september 2020 10:09

    good game! 5 stars! 11/10😂
    good job!

    4 september 2019 15:04