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    (4.31/5) 35 rates
    matheus_martins, 2 august 2017 20:13

    Slime Rancher Review

    Do you like collecting shiny things, giggling about cute stuff, and exploring as much as you can possibly putter over to?
    So this game is for you! Simplicity is the shining genius of it all.
    Slime Rancher is the good sort of simple; you collect slimes and upgrade your farm, you get a basic "1+1= safe, 1+2=destruction" formula to follow.

    The game has a huge amount of potential. The art and music are perfect for the setting and the gameplay is fun and addicting.

    *Why you should buy this?
    1º-Anybody can play this game.
    2º-Easy to learn.
    3º-Set your own difficulty by setting how many slimes you take care of.
    8º-Wonderful music.
    9º-Good for the build it's in.
    10º-Doesn't take up much space.
    11º- The game is wonderful, you should buy it because it's really fun.

    (+) Rapid fire was added, if you hold down the left mouse you will fire faster and faster
    (+) The ground shines at night
    (+) Rad slimes are really neat, the fact you get radiation around them is a cool feature
    (+) Water slimes just look like blobs with eyes

    Slime rancher is adorable, addicting, and just loads of fun. The movement reminds me of an arena shooter.
    There's a sense of wonder when you explore and find areas you've never seen before. Its a game that just wants to be a game. Honestly its a real problem nowadays with economic styled games - they force you to suffer until you can get better off.  No complex machinery or automation, no crazy mechanics you're forcefed to keep track of. Just you, a stamina and health bar, a ranch, and slimes.

    You can combine slimes!
    Easy cash!
    Feeding the cute little ones!
    Defeat corrupted slimes!
    Unlock new areas!
    Great time waster!

    Rate this article Slime Rancher Review

    (4.31/5) 35 rates


    I watched this game on youtube and yeah it is cute and soo amazing, satisfying and more!

    20 february 2020 17:05

    this game is sooooo good and i paly
    i really love the content i hope i can see more!

    21 march 2020 12:24

    this game is cute

    11 december 2020 18:42


    31 march 2020 11:54

    Its a wonderfully addictive game!

    29 december 2020 22:04

    this game seems like fun

    12 april 2020 00:16

    slime rancher is a pretty nice game!

    1 march 2020 09:17

    The best part about the game is that now it is in the game pass

    24 january 2021 10:03

    At first I thought that it was only a game for children, but it really surprised me, its gameplay is quite fluid and entertaining, with a story full of color, although somewhat short, but enjoyed every moment.

    8 may 2020 16:23

    my best game

    7 december 2019 20:52