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    Rate this article "Humble Reviews: Dragon's Age: Origins"

    (4.44/5) 25 rates
    thefruit, 2 august 2017 23:22

    Humble Reviews: Dragon's Age: Origins

    The Darkspawn are upon us and you are the only one capable of defeating them. Will you be able to lead your companions to victory or will the world as we know it end?

    Published in 2009 by EA and developed by the famed Bioware, DA:O (Dragon's Age: Origins) is a RPG set in the fictional world of Ferelden. It was the first game of the series and the most critically acclaimed one. The game has a great story and characters but the combat system of the game is rather bland. Of course as any other RPG you're able to choose the race (human, elf and dwarf), the class (warrior, rogue, mage) and the origin of the character, meaning you an be a Noble Human from one of the oldest lines in Ferelden, a Commoner Dwarf or maybe a Elf Mage in the Circle of Magi. Every origin brings about a tragedy that will the plot in motion. This is bound to get the player invested in the game as it gives some kind of personal drive.Let's talk a bit about Ferelden now shall we? Ferelden is a very big and intricate kingdom built on intrigues and war. Not even a few decades ago Ferelden was unde the control of the Empire of Orlais who have oppressed the Fereldan folk. It barely had enoug time to lick it's wounds but now a new war awaits them. The archedemon was awakened and the Blight has begun. The armies of Ferelden gather at Ostagar for a last glorious fight. The famed Grey Wardens are also there, with you being their newest recruit. And..wow i'm kinda getting ahead of myself ain't I? Well the rest of the game is for you to discover.
    :great and intricate story, lively characters and places, many choices when it comes to character customization,good DLCs, many gameplay hours 
    Cons: bland combat system, not for anyone
     I give it 9/10 

    Rate this article Humble Reviews: Dragon's Age: Origins

    (4.44/5) 25 rates


    Thanks for the information.

    26 june 2019 17:24

    This is an incredible game, good article by the way ;)

    26 july 2020 17:59

    nice article but need more image

    1 may 2020 17:04

    Thanks, sounds like fun!

    3 february 2020 16:25

    The item DLC's felt a little bit awkward, still a great game though

    13 august 2017 05:32

    One of the fking games

    28 march 2020 10:35

    One of the best games

    10 august 2017 23:41

    I have this game, is a nice game

    8 august 2017 18:01

    Thanks, good review

    8 august 2017 05:47

    thats a bad artical and need more pic .

    10 august 2020 07:43