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    (4.88/5) 8 rates
    yazdan, 2 january 2019 11:29

    Shadow of Death : Review

    "First of all i want to say sorry for poor structure of the last article, here is the completed version."

    The shadow of death is a 2D action android game that entertains you well. This game has a black background style with colors painted on equipment and characters. The game has a dark atmosphere and the main character that you control amazingly reminds me of Abaddon of The Darksiders series. The Zonmob Game Studio uses some well-known elements of two video games on their project.

    Gameplay and Contents:
    The game have two modes of playing. First is Adventure that during three chapters that each contains stages that each have many episodes, in each episode you must kill demons, killing a specific amount of enemies for passing an episode is needed. In each episode you earn experiences and Souls, by killing demons you gain their souls, when you die, the game says "you died" like soul video game series, Souls are used to upgrade sword, armor, helmet etc. gaining experiences unlocks some abilities that you can use as passive or active skills, with clearing one stage you earn special points then you can upgrade these skills, for example you can increase your attack damage during your level 1 active ability on power section or increase your maximum HP in the passive section. The variety of options that game offers you are great. You can also purchase some other characters with their own unique abilities.

    The armory of this game is huge. there are so much equipment, many rare and legendary swords, the color of equipment shows its rarity, also wings, pets etc. you can use three active ability at once also you can swap abilities to use different ones on the field, maybe you say that "so these chapters are not that much to unlock all the skills", the answer is that after clearing each stage a higher difficulty of it will be open, you can challenge yourself and find more and more experience, souls and rare equipment.

    The second mode is CHALLENGE that you can struggle in the arena and battle with other players to earn rewards or kill monsters in the blood tower to receiving crystals and other prizes. The good points of this game are their daily rewards, receiving awards like sword, hp portions, get 10x experiences/souls etc. just by watching advertisements. With all this, all these skills are so simple to choose and easy to learn. The gameplay is easy and fun to play, the boss fights and other challenges are attractive. The game is based on a simple game-play structure so you can't find complex actions and spells or something like that.
    Rate: 5/5


    The music is adapted to the dark and black atmosphere, there is no epic music although the sounds of characters are well designed. sounds for jumping, walking, hitting etc. are well developed and acceptable.
    Rate: 4/5

    The graphic of the characters and equipments are great, to be honest the design of characters and elements on a black background are attractive, in my mind colors amazingly show their real attraction in a black background. swords and armors will be changed on your display character when you equip a new set. other purchasable characters are also benefiting this attractive design and animations.
    Rate: 5/5

    Controls are easy to handle and no complexibility to deal with. on the right you can move your character and others on the left for attack, jump, fast moving and active abilities which are in the same place as the other games like this one.
    Rate: 5/5

    The game is about a dark knight journey on a world named Aurora, it was a good world then suddenly a strong darkness comes and ruins everything. you will play as a knight that is chosen to save this world. in my opinion it's not funny at all. Honestly there is not a strong story here for you and it is a simple slashing and killing, going to higher levels are the point of this game however the producers are not agreeing with me about the story of the game.
            " Story: A Dark Knight's Journey
             Aurora, once a prosperous kingdom has fallen. An ancient …"
    Rate: 3/5

    The last word
    The shadow of death is a both offline and online game that is one hell of advantage for games like this. you can add this game to your offline games just in case if you don’t have access to your online favorite game run the shadow of death and just kill some demons and enjoy the dark fashion of this game.
    And the rate for this game is: 4.4 / 5
    This game can be downloaded for only Android:
    F1 Mobile 
    link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Zonmob.ShadowofDeath.FightingGames&hl=en
    I hope you all enjoy the article, Happy NEW YEAR.
    writer's words:
    "the article was published here for voting yesterday and it was pure HTML so i want to sorry you all for that huge mistake."

    Rate this article Shadow of Death : Review

    (4.88/5) 8 rates


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