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    (4.52/5) 316 rates
    GameBiter, 1 september 2019 19:01

    Roblox | Paint 'n Guess review

    Roblox is a gaming platform where you can find and make games from simulators to shooters, that is, games of almost all genres.

    In this article we will talk about an interesting game of the "Creative" genre where you need to guess or draw objects or things that will make you think.

    Let's get to the review!


    This game was born on July 5, 2015.

    Created by player Arevoir. Since a lot of things about the game is unknown, I will not write what I do not know for sure.

    The game has a tag Rthro aka Anthro (Similar for humans, humans). Other items, games, animations, etc. The game received the rthro tag in 2017; why the game received this tag you will learn from this article already in the review.

    The game has also become available in many languages. It is enough to change the language on the site (in the lower menu).



    You will join a server of 9 players and start the race to find out what the artist draws before anyone else. If you find the selected word before the time runs out, you will have a chance to draw. If no one guesses correctly, or time runs out then a random player will be selected for drawing!

    Sharing hints, answers, or details about what you are drawing is not acceptable to another player and unfair to other players who are trying to play the game. The developer calls this a team work, and this is an easy way to get banned.

    Inappropriate behavior is not allowed. Please keep your drawings suitable for family viewing and thematic in order to provide all players with a pleasant experience while they are here.

    Upon entering the game, we can see the beautifully decorated lobby


    Once you have inspected the entire lobby, you can head straight to the canvas.

    You won’t be able to immediately show your talent to the entire server, since for this you need to guess the hidden word. look with attеntion what the "Artist" draws and as soon as you guess, immediately write a word in the chat. In English, Spanish or Italian - it doesn’t matter! The game supports more than 10 languages.

    But some of new added languages may not be stable.


    As you can see, the “Artist” stands right next to the canvas, and the guessers can sit down or stand next to the canvas.
    That's why the game got the rthro tag - which means that the game is like human life or laws.

    If a player draws bad words, indecent characters, then file a complaint against this player (ESC -> Report -> Choose a player’s nickname, reason and write a comment. Also, just in case, it’s better to take a screenshot (Alt + PrtSc) of his “Creations”).

    Well, feel free to go in the game guessing, demonstrate your talents and earn diamonds thereby rising to the top players.

    You had GameBiter with you and I hope you enjoyed my article.

    Thank you all for watching the article, good luck and see you soon! :)

    Rate this article Roblox | Paint 'n Guess review

    (4.52/5) 316 rates

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    well,paint n guess isnt my favorite game but its good,my fav game is actually murder mystery2

    20 december 2019 02:25

    Well, I tried out this game and honestly I didn't like it, but good job, nice article!

    25 february 2020 10:30

    The game itself is boring For me,But the article is cool.

    4 february 2020 22:26


    4 november 2019 14:54

    hiii hellooğğğ havargiiğğ

    11 january 2020 21:44

    i love to yuo roblox😊

    7 september 2021 09:58

    You had GameBiter

    23 october 2019 16:55

    Dakuwanga just a greedy guy, he just added me for gold digging

    4 september 2019 10:21

    Good job on this article!! And good use of image too!

    4 september 2019 13:33

    Heres my opinion about the game: It gets boring real quick after doing the same thing many rounds, but nonetheless, It isnt that bad I guess.

    8 december 2019 12:16