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    (4.25/5) 4 ratings
    panos_misti, 24 november 2017 23:23

    Review: Sleeping Dogs

    Sleeping Dogs provides the player to be a part of undercover cop with strong and engrossing narrative set in open-world.

    Once again, it is always compared to GTA-like games, but Sleeping Dogs has proved itself to be high potential sandbox. The production is easily noticeable; plot, voice acting, and environment are simply amazing. The cities are highly detailed and full of NPCs walking around and perform their activities based on situation. If Kane and Lynch: Dog Days takes player to the darkest side of China, then Sleeping Dogs will bring player to richly-detailed and diverse environment in Hong Kong from the old slums and night market to the business districts.

    The gameplay is another strong point. The main missions are pretty diverse and well connect to the storyline. The game offers you many types of mini-game like plant a bug, picklock, cracking safe which give you feeling of being undercover cop. Martial arts is easy to learn and achieve as you proceed through the game, you will unlock more fighting style to beat different types of enemy; knock, stun, combo, and environment kills give a very satisfied outcome and well entertained. The gunplay has simple mechanics; fire behind cover or slide on object to activate slow-motion (like a John Woo’s films). Both running chase scenes and driving are well-made for badass feeling like shooting tires to take down enemy vehicles or hijack vehicle and continue your road carnage. Moreover, the ramming mechanics during driving is simply useful as you can use it to lose the cops or even boost your speed in race. Sleeping Dogs also rewards player in every mission and collectables which keep on player engagement and provide meaningful collectable. However, the side mission is quite less creative and combat is quite sluggish. Still, there is a lot of detail and things to do even you complete the game.
    Lastly, the radio music is memorable with old Chinese song and some are from famous singer. The mixture of voice between pure Cantonese and English dub create the feel of player’s presence and preserve what Hong Kong should be.
    Sleeping Dogs is unique and diverse as I said. The developers care in most details and know what keep on player engagement. It gives me very great experience to be part of Hong Kong and triad life. I never regret for every buck I spend on this game. Like it or not, you have to taste once.

    Rate this article Review: Sleeping Dogs

    (4.25/5) 4 ratings


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