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    (4.67/5) 6 rates
    radmehrr3d, 5 august 2017 21:57

    Putrefaction 2: Void Walker

    Putrefaction 2: Void Walker is an action FPS game available since 29 May, 2017 on steam

    The game starts in an undiscovered area and a rude legend starts to talk with you and calling you Void Walker. It wants you to kill enemies and somehow save the world.
    There are different kinds of enemies that look like Indians living in tribes. you have to kill them with different kinds of weapons such as revolver and shotgun. And also you have to solve simple puzzles during the game.

    Story isnt much interesting but its okay for this game.
    Graphics are okay its like Rust I mean developers worked hard on enviroment and artistic design
    Gameplay is addictive cause the game has a nice shooting system and enemy AI is good enough.


    1. Good level design

    2. Nice looking weapons and decent weapon sounds

    3. Interesting enemies (some are generic but eh)

    4. Simple, clean upgrade system that integrates well with the gameplay.

    5. Each level has it's own unique setting, reminiscent of Serious Sam: TSE or Daikatana.

    6. Lots of giblets, blood, and the ability to shoot off individual limbs of an enemy.

    7. It's got and old-shool FPS feel.

    8. Nice and responsive developer.

    9. Big step up from the first game.

    10. It just works.


    1. Not enough oomph and impact when shooting enemies.

    2. Weapons look fine but they just don't feel that great to use.

    3. The map bunker on timed survival has a game-breaking bug. You will fall through the map when starting a new game after dying. You have to exit to the menu and start fresh every time you die because of this. I've already alerted the dev about it.

    4. Voice acting could be better.

    Impovements I'd like to see:

    1. More frames of animation on the weapons.

    2. Different pump animation on the shotgun. It's too fast and he needs to pull the shotgun toward him when he pumps.

    3. Better weapons sounds, especially with the shotgun.

    4. More frames of animation on the enemies.

    5.Crouch, Sprint and Aiming

    So I'm gonna give it 7 points from 10 but it has potential of a 9/10 game

    Rate this article Putrefaction 2: Void Walker

    (4.67/5) 6 rates


    good article

    9 august 2017 21:47

    Been interested in this game. Thanks.

    9 august 2017 21:11


    22 august 2017 02:48

    Nice game, and really good article :)

    11 august 2017 12:11


    13 august 2017 02:15


    9 august 2017 18:04

    omfg 💯 nice game😃 i love this game

    12 august 2017 23:54

    very good ^^

    11 august 2017 00:59

    I have not played this game yet, but I intend to

    10 august 2017 23:34

    Looks quite interesting tbh

    21 august 2017 17:01