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    Rate this article "Moe Era - review."

    (4.66/5) 643 rates
    t4tsumihyaku, 9 may 2020 22:25

    Moe Era - review.

    Moe Era is a visual novel that was published by Comfy Company  in 2020.
    The game consists of 4 main characters: MartaNanaSima, and Teya.
    They've got only a purpose - to find the story of our life.



    As real life is all about choices, the entire game is too.
    Like in every visual novel, the only thing we have to do is read some subtitles and make choices.

    Main Characters



    Nana  is a little bit younger than the other characters, but she is quite mature.
    Her nationality is Japanese.
    She's a founder of a club in her school.
    Don't let her cute look fool you; she has a dark side.
    Nana is a dreamer and a lover of food.


    Moe Era | A Visual Novel About Cute Things | Avaliable on Steam ...

    Sima  is quite stubborn as a character.
    Her nationality is Russian.
    She is an activist - she wants all women to feel good in their bodies, and to not feel bad for what they are.
    She is a patriot and a lover of music.


    Moe Era | A Visual Novel About Cute Things | Avaliable on Steam ...

    Marta  is also quite stubborn as Sima.
    Her nationality is American.
    She could happen to be a little bit rude on moments, but trust me, she's not a bad character.
    She is a sports-mad; her favorite sport is volleyball.
    Marta pays a lot of attention to her body.
    She loves joking all the time.



    Teya  is very shy as a character.
    Possibly, she is one of the oldest characters in the game due to her teaching experience.
    She comes from Europe.
    Teya is one of the only teachers in the game since she teaches her students all subjects except physical education.
    She doesn't like talking about her life.
    She's very polite and forgiving to her students.



    Everything starts with a dream, where a girl tells us what's the purpose of life. According to her, life is all about the choices we make.
    After some time, we will land in a mysterious place.
    The first thing which we are going to see is Life Purpose Machine; this machine is in charge of our locations.
    After waking up, Nana  will ask us about our dream.
    However, after some time she wasn't so interested in it, that's why we moved on.

    After some time, we will spot some other characters: Marta  and Sima.
    As time passed by, the classes were going to start soon. Nobody wanted to attend the class; they believed that they could fight this feeling through meditation, but this didn't help.
    In the game, Teya  is our teacher. Every character attended the class, but Ermy. He is the male character in the game.


    In our first class, we will talk about books. Every character had to share their opinion about some books, etc.
    At the end of the class, we will meet Ermy; he is the only boy character in the game. He will propose to us to test out a demo of a game he developed on his own. Of course, I agreed.

    After some time, we will have to attend a clubroom, in which all characters are members except Teya  and Ermy.
    This time, the main topic of the conversation was food.
    As time passed by, they started talking about cakes. They even wanted to make a real cake, but they didn't have the necessary ingredients for the purpose. That's why they decided to visualize it. In the game, we had a task to "make the cake"; however, in my case, it wasn't edible, and the girls blamed me.


    When we come back home, we'll have to keep on our promise and test Ermy's game. However, I decided to skip this part.
    After we finish, we will spot the Life Purpose Machine  again.
    When we click on the X button (the generating button), the word "РУС" will appear, which means "RUS" in Latin letters (this abbreviation means Russia). Hence, our next destination will be Russia!

    (Author's noteOkay, enough spoilers. Try the game to see what's next! :D The story gets more interesting after some time.)


    Moe Era | Пикабу

    I rate this visual novel with 5/10, here's why:

    The story is pretty exciting for me.
    However, I didn't like the characters' attitude at the beginning.

    The characters are pretty funny in general.

    Many people would think that this game is similar to the visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club, but trust me, it has nothing to do with it.

    Some scenes are repetitive, which is quite annoying at moments.

    The game operates in many languages, which is an upside for me.

    Moe Era  requires around 600 MB to download, which isn't bad at all.

    The main reason I disliked this game is that the gameplay is too long.

    I wouldn't recommend this game to people who dislike reading for a long time.
    Like many other games, this game requires a lot of time.


    Rate this article Moe Era - review.

    (4.66/5) 643 rates


    So good! I've watched it!😄

    1 june 2020 03:49

    I like this style of the game! Wonderful!

    28 may 2020 11:28

    woow so many cute anime girls i like it XD

    15 august 2020 09:10

    Nice article, it makes me want to play the game as well

    7 april 2021 15:57

    wow that is very good and very beautiful

    16 may 2020 09:30

    I love this characters

    31 may 2020 13:50

    Anime and weeb culture is a disease on earth. Decently written article, but sadly it doesn't matter because it's about something that really shouldn't exist. 1/5

    26 may 2020 06:45

    It's anime and I hate it so I just don't like it.

    26 may 2020 06:42

    i ma an big fan anima and this article isgreat very good youngster i like it :D

    19 may 2020 12:14

    Great article I found it really intresting

    15 may 2020 13:37