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    (4.45/5) 80 rates
    dakuwanga, 28 july 2019 22:59

    Jotun review

    Jotun is an action-adventure game made by Thunder Lotus Games set into the world of Norse mythology. For a relatively small game, it's quite good in the way it depicts the myths. The game was released in 2015 for PC and later for Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.



    Thora is a viking warrior woman who met her end when her longship went down in a storm created by the sea goddess Rán. Unfortunately, this means she's unable to reach Valhalla, as the only way to do so is to fall in battle. However, the gods give her another chance to prove her worth as a warrior. She must travel through all of the divine realms to fight and slay several Jotun, giants who are living manifestations of natural elements and various other attributes like power and chaos. Now is the time to impress the gods.


    The objective of the game is quite simple. You have to reach the end of two levels per region in order to collect the runes to open the door to a specific Jotun, after which you have to face him/her in battle. The levels can be explored in the order of your choosing. It's worth noting that several of the levels don't feature any form of enemies, instead you have to avoid several environmental hazards, such as falling stalactites, freezing winds and burning hot ground. There are three types of collectibles: golden apples of Ithunn that increase your maximum health, shrines to the gods that allow you to use various god powers and wells of Mimir that replenish your health and god powers.

    The Jotuns serve as the game's bosses and fighting them is definitely the game's high point. Thora can perform either light attacks or slower but more powerful heavy attacks. The god powers can help even the odds, but they must be used sparingly, as each of them has only two uses and you can't replenish them too often. Some of the Jotuns can be attacked in unique ways, such as hitting Isa the frost Jotun with icebergs by making them slide into him. As expected, each and every boss is gigantic by comparison to Thora, which makes defeating them all the more satisfying. Especially considering that while most of the levels are relatively easy to complete, the boss fights are far more challenging.


    is not the biggest game there is, but it doesn't need to be. The hand drawn levels are beautiful to the point that the camera occasionally zooms out only to give a better view of the level, fighting the giants is satisfying and the game is particularly enjoyable to anyone familiar with Norse mythology. It even includes some references to lesser-known myths, such as a statue of Loki with it's mouth stitched shut at the forge of the dwarves, or background elements like Nidhogg the serpent gnawing at Yggdrasil's roots. And if someone is unfamiliar with the myths but wants to learn, this is the game I'd recommend.



    Shark god Dakuwanga

    Rate this article Jotun review

    (4.45/5) 80 rates


    wow, looks like fun game, great article.

    22 september 2019 18:23

    I have this game but never installed it, maybe I should now

    15 august 2019 03:08

    pretty cool game and nice work on the article me and my friends are curriently playing it ^^

    12 november 2019 17:20

    Interesting article, because of it, i am interested in the game.

    2 august 2019 16:59

    кики ду ю лав ми у у у у у у у у у

    9 november 2019 04:22

    Great review, but very similar format to your previous article.

    20 august 2019 18:59

    wow, looks like fun game, great article. my friend
    daca sunteti romani vreunu salut ba

    14 november 2019 13:57

    Great review.

    12 november 2019 23:40

    I have this game in my steam library.

    11 november 2019 21:36

    Seems to have a simple art style which really shows the sheer scale of the bosses in comparison to your tiny player. Might be worth giving this one a try!

    15 august 2019 16:33