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    Rate this article "Iron Snout - Review [Steam - free game]"

    (4.29/5) 7 rates
    noobda, 24 august 2017 10:09

    Iron Snout - Review [Steam - free game]

    Iron Snout - A free steam game about a pig, kung-fu pig with brutal and colourful fighting adventure 
    TL;DR - Just smash the arrow keys and you're good to go...

    PS: I'm not responsible for your broken arrowkeys :|

    With a thousands of games being releases in steam and various platforms, this game has something off to it, something different...

    Many of us may know this game from android and iOS, now this game is available for PC on Steam, has support for Windows, Mac OS X and Steam OS+linux (i tried running it on my ubuntu machine but however it didn't run very well). And the game developer is Snoutup from Lithuania

    Coming to game itself, the game has

    • Steam Achievements
    • A mere 20MB game for windows
    • No graphic card needed (intergrated is enough)
    • Has in-game stats, and leader board
    • Partial Controller support (never tried)

    So, the game is about a piglet who knows kung-fu and is fighting wolves in two locations, city and forest which are the two maps in the game. This game has gore and blood animations in it, so viewer discretion may be required...

    IronSnout has a wide range of achievements of which most of them are achieved by playing casually but 5 of them require some sort of skill and concentration to it, which can be achieved by playing eventually.

    "This game never really gets boring" 

    holds true after you play the game for sometime. Combine this gameplay with any soundtrack you like or any music and it never gets old. Did I mention the controls yet, here you go


    Just the 

    Arrow Keys... 

    Yes, the up, down, left and right keys of your keyboard is all you require to play the game with full effort.


    This Iron Snout, has some serious addiciton to it, I admit, after playing for a while you'll eventually return to playing it after some gaming or some boring time. It is pretty well designed that it won't hang or lag during the gameplay. I'm pretty damn sure it'll run in almost all PCs at 



    IronSnout has a innumerable amount of combos in it, which you'll eventually learn and new mix of arrow keys gives new combos and new style to the game. If you ever think you're bored playing those paid games or AAA titles, take a break and try out this Iron Snout, it really works as a 

    Stress Relief

    for me. All I can say is that even after playing the game for like a month, i feel like playing it very often.

    This game has a plethora of combos and various kinda of wolves for you to fight. Did I mention that this game has a 1HP mode, which is quite challenging and yeah, there are achievements in particular for this 1HP mode. :)

    In this game you can beat the ... out of those wolves, if you ever feel stressed or sad.

    How to play, well all you have to do is 'follow the damn train, CJ', oops not this game.... Well all you need to do is smash (can also gently press) the arrow keys, that's it you're good to go...


    Iron Snout is a addictive and small indie game which has some good visuals and graphics. However there are limited levels (2) and limited amount of enemies, which never gets old once we start playing... :) So in a whole, this game is quite interesting and requires no skill to play (casually) but requires some skill and concentration to achieve the achievements in the game (steam)

    Rate this article Iron Snout - Review [Steam - free game]

    (4.29/5) 7 rates


    Весёлая игра

    11 april 2020 05:27

    nice review, gj ^^

    15 september 2017 21:10

    Seems like a very fun game!

    13 february 2020 08:31

    fun game nice

    19 may 2020 09:49

    TY! 2 Achievements are a bit tough to achieve... but eventually we can get 'em

    4 september 2017 11:01