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    (4.54/5) 399 rates
    t4tsumihyaku, 30 april 2020 20:23

    Hatch - game review.

    Hatch is a first-person climbing game that was developed & published by Rubeki  in 2019.
    In the game, we get into the role of a newly hatched character, that can climb through different hills and rocks.



    When we start playing for the first time, we'll see that our character gets hatched from an egg. After landing on the hatching area, we will see many other eggs that weren't hatched yet.
    On our way to start the adventure, we will spot a man who will warn us to not stay too long in the half sun's gaze. Before getting out of the area, we will notice that another character had hatched up from an egg. Unfortunately, we can't stand next to this character. Otherwise, our character will die.

    So as the man said, we have to avoid staying too long in the half sun's gaze. If we don't listen to what he said, then our character will pass away, and we will have to go back to the beginning of the game or a certain point we reached.


    On our way, we will see some characters that hung up themselves for an unknown reason.

    After some time, we will see some instructions written on a huge rock. By seeing these instructions, we will be able to start climbing the rocks and hills. We will be able to climb them by walking or jumping on angled walls.
    We have to keep climbing until we reach the top. From my experience, that was kinda hard for me, but it will get paid off just if you reach the end. While climbing, we will spot some characters lying on the ground.


    One of my first impressions was that the characters that hatched from eggs wouldn't stand up.
    However, our character seems to be like an exception in this case.

    Graphics & Sounds


    The graphics surprised me a lot. The graphics are so aesthetic and dark at the same time. Some graphics are kinda disturbing, such as the characters that hung themselves and the dark theme of the entire game in general. The rocks remind me of the Minecraft blocks, which is pretty cool according to me. The resolution of the game is that high that made my eyes ache while my gameplay. The shape of the characters' bodies isn't good-looking and I wish the characters were drawn better. The sounds in the game are so annoying. Many people consider them relaxing, but honestly, they bother me a lot.

    Summary & Additional information


    I rate the game with 4/10, here's why:

    Firstly, let's start with the lack of settings in the game. The lack of settings in the game is a downside for me because we don't have an option to make our game windowed or change the size of the window. We also can't disable the sounds... This is also a downside since the sounds are pretty irritating.
    In the game, we've got only two options: to exit the game or resume it.

    Let's talk about the controls. When I play any games, I pay attention to the controls. I feel more comfortable using arrows instead of W, A, S, and D to move and in this case, we can use them both, which is an upside for me.

    I like the way this game reminds me of a mix between a 2D & a 3D game. I personally like 2D and 3D games and the way this game reminds me of the both is just pretty cool I'd say :D

    I wouldn't recommend this game to people who get frustrated very quickly. This game requires a lot of patience and time.


    Rate this article Hatch - game review.

    (4.54/5) 399 rates


    Good article.

    4 may 2020 07:40


    4 may 2020 09:28

    good review ill play this next time if i wanted to

    4 may 2020 05:50

    The graphics on the game is really nice

    4 may 2020 00:22

    I will try this game

    25 may 2020 15:57

    nice article, game looks dark

    3 may 2020 16:55

    veriy good

    3 may 2020 16:44

    Nice Game.

    3 may 2020 14:59


    3 may 2020 14:57

    optimistic but cool

    3 may 2020 13:54