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    Vaaren, 24 august 2018 17:37

    Gem Guide and Game Overview: Gwent The Witcher Card Game

    GAME: Gwent
    GENRE: Card Game

       Ah Gwent, if you have any familiarity with Witcher you already know what Gwent is. Many players know the experience of getting ready to kill some monsters and instead they find themselves playing Gwent for hours on end. Now this famous card game is getting a title of its own in Gwent, and as a bonus you can pick up some pretty easy gems for trying it out.
       Gwent is a game of knowing when to back down, knowing when to go all in, and knowing when to put it all on the line and take a risk. In a way it is similar to poker. Fans of games like Hearthstone, MTG, Triple Triad and other similar card games will no doubt have fun with Gwent.

    Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

    Making Sure You Do Everything Right!

    Before you do anything make sure you do everything right so you get your gems:
    If you are not new to the process feel free to skip this section

    Look for Gwent in the game section of Gamehag, get to the "Play for Free" button and click it.
    Register for the game with the same email you used for gamehag, I find I have less issues later when I do this for any  game.
    Make it easier for yourself by making your in game nickname the same as your gamehag nickname. This is not always necessary but it often makes the process smoother in my experience.
    When you finish downloading the game switch it to Windowed Mode through settings so that you can use your screenshot  software.
    You can do this by pressing escape and going into the options.

    If you would prefer:
    Press F12 While Full Screen
    Then go to Documents>GOG>Screenshots

    If you have problems send a ticket by clicking on Misty. If you get rejected make sure you completed the correct conditions.
    If you were rightfully refused you did something in the segment below

    "Your screenshot could be refused because of one of the following reasons:
    1) The game registration has not been made through our website so we could not verify if your account is new, as we focus on equal chances.
    2) The screenshot did not reflect a properly completed quest.
    3) We have detected that you have more than one account on our website.
    4) There was an attempt of fraud, e.g. by uploading a fake or wrong screenshot. Please, verify carefully, which of those reasons occurred, then try to complete your quest once again."
    -Misty 2018

    If none of these apply to you then keep on trying, they will give you your gems eventually.

    I received my gems for the first task after 17 hours and my second and third task were accepted within minutes of submission.

    Okay now that that is out of the way lets look at what you have to do:

    Earning Your Gems:

    The Tasks at Hand
    Task 1: Win One Match
    Task 2: Win Three Matches
    Task 3: Win Five Matches

         The tasks are pretty simply, all you have to do is win. If you are experienced in the Trading Card Game (TCG) Genre you won't have an issue. You'll probably get those 5 wins with an impeccable record. The game takes you through a tutorial and if you pay attention you'll already be on the path to victory. Anyone who is good at Hearthstone or Poker will absolutely destroy the beginning level players. But of course I would not assume that everyone reading this has put time into this genre of games. Later I will explain the basic rules of the game as well as things to think about with your starting deck.

        But before that let us look at what your screenshot should look like:

    EXAMPLE: Do not try submitting this as your own it will not work
    As you can see my username is clearly visible and unobstructed right below my victories are shown.
    You can get to this screen by clicking near the upper righthand corner of your screen.
    If you click the characters face your profile statistics will show up!

    How To Play Gwent

    My first suggestion would be to pay attention in the in game tutorial, but if you skipped through it, weren't paying attention or wanted a refreshed look no further.

    To Begin:

    Each player grabs 10 cards from their deck. You have the option of replacing 3 of those ten cards.
    You have one leader card that you can only use ONCE in every game.
    A Gwent deck contains 25-40 cards.
    If a card is Bronze you can only have three duplicates in your deck
    If a card is Silver you can only have one of a type in your deck. You can only have 6 Silver Cards total.
    If a card is Gold you can only have one of a type in your deck. You can only have 4 Gold Cards total.

    On Round 2 each player grabs two more cards. They can redraw one card

    On Round 3 each player grabs one more card. They can redraw one card.

    The game is won when a player wins 2 rounds
    Your objective is to have a higher score than the other player in two rounds.
    You can increase your score by playing cards on the field.
    The number on the upper left of the card tells you how much a card is worth.

    Drag your cards to the field in any of THREE rows. Any card can go in any row.

    The pass button makes it so you won't play any more cards in a round.
       If a round is lost and you want to save your best cards for next round pass
       If a round is won and you don't want to waste your cards pass
       If it is the first round and the only way for your opponent to win is to waste all their cards, pass.

    Here are some cart types to take note of:

    Armor: This is a good card to play first round and a card to consider buffing with other cards.
    Any attack targeted at a card with armor is beneficial to you. Every damage dealt to your armor is armor not dealt to you

    Damage Types: These cards can damage the cards of your enemies. If an enemy has a pesky ability, take it out. Otherwise try to avoid using damage on armor or over killing a target.

    Conditional Deck Summons: An example of this is Roach. Roach is a card that is automatically played when a golden card is summoner. Roach is not a card you want in your hand because it will be summoned form your deck. Always put this card back in your deck.

    Copy Cards: These cards copy the power of one of your opponents cards. Do not use this early. When your opponent pulls out the big guns, just borrow it.

    Getting New Cards

    For the purpose of getting gems you won't need to use the shop. But if you are planning on playing more you will want to build up different decks and the shop is the way to do so.
       In this game deck types are limited by faction. You cannot play a card that is not from your leaders faction.
    Factions Include:

    • Neutral.
    • Monsters.
    • Nilfgaard.
    • Northern Realms.
    • Scoia'tael.
    • Skellige.

    To begin with try getting cards of a single faction. It is best to have one strong deck than 6 mediocre ones.

    My Thoughts:

       If you weren't able to tell I actually am a pretty big fan of this card game. As a fan of The Witcher video games and books the entire theme is appealing. But even those unfamiliar with the world can find enjoyment in the card game. It is a well balanced and well thought out card game. In game length it is shorter than Hearthstone but it still has depth.
       The Gwent client and all the art is very impressive as well. The developers changed the original Gwent game to make it have more strategic depth than the original. Gwent reminds me of Poker in that a large part of the game is in the mind games. As an avid poker and Witcher fan I have absolutely no complaints about this game. However I know that many do not see the appeal in Trading Card Games, in that case this game is not for you.
       The game is a no brainer for those who want gems and a fun TCG. This is a game that I expect to grow a lot in the next year. Be ready for many new expansions and game modes. Normally I uninstall games when I'm done with the gem tasks, this one is a game that will stay and see a lot of play.
     Hope you enjoy the game,

    Rate this article Gem Guide and Game Overview: Gwent The Witcher Card Game

    (4.8/5) 20 rates

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    Gwent – The Witcher Card Game – is a card game in which you play as the commander of one of two enemy armies clashing on the front line.The game offers us five separate factions, characterized by an individual style of play:Nilfgaard – a powerful empire from the south with very talented spies,Monsters – bloodthirsty and fearless...



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