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    Rate this article "Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming - Game Guide"

    (4.47/5) 149 rates
    Misty, 20 september 2019 17:04

    Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming - Game Guide

    Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is a browser game which refers to the well-known and iconic series. You will like it if you are a fan of the Game of Thrones series or just like strategy games or games which are set in a fantasy world. To make the game go smoothly and to increase your chances of winning, we encourage you to follow the tips in our guide!

    The Basics

    “Game of Thrones Winter is Coming” replicates many browser game schemes. If you are a fan of them or just hate the instructions, you may be tempted to skip the tutorial. However, we do not advise you to do this. The tutorial is an important element which will give you the opportunity to play smoothly, without having to think about where to look and how to control units. Play regularly! Thanks to this, you can earn daily activity rewards for achieving your goals. It is worth doing this because material rewards are enriched by accelerating the, for example, repair of the walls after the battle.


    “Game of Thrones Winter is Coming” is a multi-player game. Therefore, make a covenant with a strong group of other players. It will be much easier for you to win at the start. An additional advantage of being part of an alliance is achieving premium benefits - when one player buys a premium package, everyone will receive rewards. Alliances that are the most profitable are those that are coordinated on external communication channels, or have rich players in their composition. Allies help not only in defending the castle, they are also helpful in accelerating the construction of buildings. Thanks to them, the entire gameplay is easier, faster and more enjoyable!

    How to protect yourself from loss?

    We are attacked and we attack mainly to gain additional resources and experience. To minimize the risk of robbery in our area, you must protect both the Lord and the unit as soon as you plan to end the game on a given day. Don't keep too much raw materials. The ideal amount is one that can be protected in warehouse. Watch out for your gold, because it is not protected at all until the warehouse reaches level twenty-five. Its loss is really painful. There is an option to use the Truce option, which acts as a protective shield and will allow you to breathe from enemy attacks for some time. So take care of the warehouse development. Resources protected by the warehouse cannot be appropriated in the event of an invasion. To protect yourself against loss, form the alliance mentioned above. Allies help to protect each other's realms. Always take care of the army's development. A large and well-trained army is the basis of defense and security.

    Think about every move

    Consider every move! “Game of Thrones Winter is Coming” is a strategy game, so you can't miss this element. Ill-considered moves can cost a lot. It is obvious that battles cannot be bypassed completely and the game can’t be completely peacefully. But any attack should be carefully thought out. The enemy may desire revenge. In the event that our warehouse is not properly developed, and the army is not very numerous and well-trained, defeat is almost guaranteed.


    Try to be even in every aspect of the game. The overall balance is influenced by everything - the military, resources, buildings, alliances, experience. Do not leave one of the groups for later development, as it may turn out at some point that you lack the necessary materials, or during the invasion your army may be unable to stand against a larger and better trained force.

    Rate this article Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming - Game Guide

    (4.47/5) 149 rates


    this is vary good artile to read! elped me a lot and i got to level 20too

    17 november 2019 14:46

    so easy to playing this game because of this i get a lots of soul gems ^_^ good luck guys great war

    9 november 2019 12:32

    Great article! love this game and show thank you so Much! i appreciate it alot it is very interesting

    15 january 2020 13:12

    Great article! love this game and show thank you so Much! i appreciate it alot it is very interesting

    18 november 2019 11:57

    I still remember playing this game for the first time and kept.

    9 november 2019 13:23

    Although haven't played this multiplayer game, but wish to play this for it's gradual progress feature

    6 january 2020 07:43

    Idk, maybe it's because of my computer, but I can't run this game, it's always crash.

    16 march 2020 14:33

    this is great game i ever play before and now i quit because idont have pc xD

    9 november 2019 19:13

    WOw thanks this article helps:>

    9 january 2020 12:11

    This article is the best thing ever cuz I LOVE this game

    17 november 2019 00:40