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    (4.55/5) 251 rates
    NyanZou, 11 april 2020 01:56

    Forager honest review

    This is an honest review of the game, after playing the game for around ca ~ 50 hours.


    Forager is a 2D open world game inspired by exploration, farming and crafting games such as:

    • Terraria
    • Stardew Valley
    • Zelda

    Forager - a game of hitting the rocks & collecting ores

    One may simply say that this sounds exactly like Minecraft - yet it does not! 

    What Forager is about, is a lot more in general. 


    This is the guy you will be playing as! - p.s. 

    he isn't a marshmellow, that's for sure!




    Main currency  WKMmXway99nwyoFByUHlQLx9xfx5ot.png

    The main currency of the game are coins. These are used to buy items from the store,

    allowing you to place buildings 




    Shop allows you to purchase all sorts of items, used mainly for upgrading backpacks, weapons, or making rare kind of items necessary for completing quests. You can also buy decorations or land items like a bridge, in case you need to cross over from one land to another, after freshly buying some new land.



    One of the great aspects of the game is that it allows you to have a combat in the game.

    You are able to kill all sorts of entities, ranging from fireflies to slimes and to skeletons. 

    Different enemies drop all sorts of loot of which you can make lots of different items, such as item backpacks or swords or bows, or fishing rods. - Yes, you can even fish in this game!




    These usually contain lots of puzzles which you must resolve in order to 

    fight the dungeon bosses! It involves hitting specific blocks or shrines in specific order for the prize to pop out.




    Endless ways of obtaining hidden chests and loot,thus some chests also 

    hide a key inside! Or forbidden magic item with  which you can rule your whole land.

    Leveling up 


    This one's my favourite. The game allows you to unlock all sorts of items and abilities by simply 

    spending level points. A few examples of where you can spend them, for an example:

    • Textiles
    • Railroads
    • Jewelry
    • Engineering technology
    • Laser technology
    • Physics
    • Automation
    • Smelting
    • Drilling

         ...and so much more!




    Lands  1Vz2yOqKjnWhON6PQ05XBEzU06Pw0o.png

    These are islands, which can be purchased on the map.


    • Each island has a specific set of mob spawns
    • Each island has a specific set of resources 
    • May contain a building, dungeon, an NPC, or a puzzle!


      Do I suggest this game? Absolutely! This game is worth checking out if you are into exploration games that 
      offer a lot to see. Especially if you've got some free time to enjoy this game, it is totally worth it. 
      The developer ~HopFrog is adding content constantly into the game and it is being developed as we speak!
      There is a planned multiplayer content coming into the game too, so you can get your friends to play this game with you too anytime.

    Rate this article Forager honest review

    (4.55/5) 251 rates


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    I like the gameplay.

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    i didnt read anything , to lazy for this but nice

    3 may 2020 22:47

    Thanks for the article! Nice review.

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    Fun game! and cool article

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    This seems like a pretty good game to get into

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