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    (4.74/5) 117 rates
    Sebastian50, 9 june 2019 07:04

    Counter Strike Global Offensive (Part 1)

    Counter Strike Global Offensive – Part 1 (Questions\Answers)

    Hi, in this article I will answer to some useful questions about CS:GO game that maybe will help many users, hope you enjoy…

    CS:GO? “A popular shooter game in the world that rarely some gamers have not heard about it, the main story of this game is about the contrast between good guys (Counter-Terrorist) and bad guys (Terrorist) with different scenarios…”

     Is there any limits for gaining XP in CS:GO? And what is the weekly bonus?

    For the start I should say actually yes, there is a limit for getting XP in the game. By every match you play in a week you will get some amount of XP but you should pay attention after and after some matches you played the XP you will get, will reduce, this means if you play so much you will not receive the same XP which you got yesterday (For example) but do not worry about it because after a complete week this cycle will restart (+ you will get your weekly bonus again).

    About the weekly bonus I should say you will get some more amount of XP with this thing but it will get finished soon and after some matches you will not get any extra XP, the good part is the weekly bonus XP will be back every Wednesday. Some players think this extra XP depends on how many matches you play and after 3 or 4 game matches you will not gain it any more but it is totally wrong! You can gain this bonus XP from 3 Competitive Matches or simply gain it from 10 Team Death Match (The numbers are not accurate).


     Is the Trade up part useful? Should I buy some skins to trade them up?

    The trade up part is useful for players who just got some useless skins from the same quality from the game not from the store. Why? I can explain… the players who just have these skins from the game and have no use for them can trade them up and try their luck for 1 better skin from the next quality, they can also sell those skins in the community market separately but it may take so much time from them to sell but anyways there is no negative points for them because they got them for free.

    For those players who think they will have benefits from buying them and crafting 10 skins in lower quality to gain one super awesome skin from the next quality I should say STOP thinking about this idea because the chance of getting a good skin that will benefit you is so low (Just like the chests in Gamehag) it is possible but so hard to get so do not waste your money.


     Is that so important to have some friends to play with them in CS:GO?

    The answer depends on what kind of mode you usually play, if you play some kind of usual mode like Team Death Match there is not so important to have your friends with you to win, you and your team will make it even with random players. For some important Matches like Competitive Matches it is totally important especially in higher levels and ranks when the match will be more serious. Maybe you can also make it even without your PRO friend but it is better to have your friends with you to minimize the chance of losing also you will probably face to a team and it is hard to beat them all.


    *Let me know if you like this article in comment section below and please rate it to show me is this useful or not, you can also ask me about the question in your mind about this game and if I can, I will answer them. This article is totally original and have written by me: Sebastian50 for Gamehag.com - all rights reserved.

    Rate this article Counter Strike Global Offensive (Part 1)

    (4.74/5) 117 rates


    sc: go need an anti-cheat to banned all hacker

    2 july 2019 21:31

    Ohh that's a good article :)

    29 june 2019 02:13

    Has never retired from the heat of the game, has his value,CSGO is life

    8 july 2019 07:01

    nice article ı love you csgo

    24 june 2019 10:02

    Even though there are many articles on CS:GO, this one is different, and has many good points.

    22 june 2019 10:52

    Nice article. I played CSGO a long time ago but after reading this, I am going blow off the dust and start it up tonight. Thank you

    18 june 2019 13:54

    My first ranks was gn2 i dont get how some people can be at silver 1-3 like even if you are paying with trackpad just how?

    11 july 2019 21:48

    Nice explanation and overall you have done a great job of explaining some particular points on CS.

    10 june 2019 12:16

    30% rank Ge in game Prime and non-prime is hack ***!!!

    10 june 2019 18:44

    I believe we have a lot of stuff about CS:GO already, but seems properly done and some useful points. Good job!

    10 june 2019 12:30