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    Rate this article "Coin Master - Gameplay"

    (4.29/5) 325 rates
    babygril_, 19 july 2020 05:34

    Coin Master - Gameplay

    Are you looking for a great time killer to play with your friends? Say no more because I would recommend you play Coin Master. An epic multiplayer game that you can play with your Facebook friends. It's light and a family-friendly game. What are you waiting for, spin, raid, build, and attack?!

    Note: This article is not plagiarism or spam. All of the information below has been verified and confirmed. Thank you for your understanding. Please leave some constructive criticism below this article so I could improve in this community. 

    What is Coin Master?

    Coin Master is a free mobile phone game compatible with iOS or Android users. Players spin slot machines to win coins, shields, and weapons so they could attack and raid villages. They can also build their own villages. Characters travel to different magical lands and they could be anything they want from a pirate, king, or even an astronaut. This app uses Facebook to connect the player with their friends and encourage players to connect with others. Players build their way to the top!

    (Coin Master Icon)

    I would warn you that this application contains ads and just be patient although out when pop-outs appear from nowhere. It also offers in-app purchases to speed your way up to the top. Wouldn't recommend purchasing power-ups though just save your money.  Since this game is connected to your Facebook account, you need a good Wi-Fi connection to play this game.

    (Coin Master Loading Page)


    Have you played casual gambling games such as POP! Slots-Free Vegas Slots? Coin Master's gameplay is similar to any slot machine games except its graphics give out a cartoon style in nature and a cleaner look for easy gameplay. 

    The Slot Machine Function
    The game is a virtual slot machine. You collect spins to win coins, spins, and shields. Actually, this is the first thing you will see when you open the game (After the loading page, of course).  This is the main gameplay of the game. When you spin the slot machine you'll receive the following: 

    •      Pig Face - A function that you can steal coins from your friends. You'll surely love this function because I do. You can get revenge from your friends who attacked your village. Coins and rewards are random but it's higher than raiding. 
    •      Shield - It is used to block attacks from other players. Will definitely protect you from any harm. You could only have 3 shields and save your village from 3 attacks while you are off the game. If you got another shield from the slot machine, the excess shield would turn into a spin.
    •      Hammer - You get to attack another village and win coins as well. Your friend's village or a random bot it depends on you who you want to attack. Sadly, it would take some time to recover when you got attacked by other players. 
    •      Coins - This is your reward when you spin the slot machine. It can be used to upgrade your village and move to another map. Don't worry because when you randomly spin the slot machine you'll always win some coins.
    • Free spins - You get 5 spins per hour and per day you only get 5 spins per day. Here's a tip: Change your date settings. It would surely work. Try it for yourself.

    (Right: Slot machine, left: Rewards)

    Building your village

    (From left to right: village map, your village, shop)

    You'll first start as a Viking and build your village. It is easy to level up and upgrade your buildings in this stage. You just have to spin, attack, and raid. Strengthen your village and you can move up to the next level. It's just that easy!

    Raiding and Attacking villages 

    (This is raiding your friend would look like. You'll get a pet once you get to village/level 5. The pet will help you with gaining more coins.)

    This is the fun part of the game. You get to attack and raid not just spinning the wheel all day. Steal your friend's or foe's coin to earn more. Save enough to improve your village or to move up to the next level. You only get to attack your friends when you got 3 pig head. Moreover, you can only get to attack your foe when you got 3 hammers. Wait a minute, what's the difference between attacking and raiding? Well, raiding your opponent means you get to steal coins by digging up holes in other villages. Whereas attacking your opponent, you get to strike their buildings. When they have shields put up, you can only obtain a minimum amount of coins. 

    (Left: This is what attacking another village looks like, Right: When your village is attacked)

    Coin Master is indeed a fun game to play with. Invite your friends and keep annoying them with random raids and attacks. You can't do many fun things with this game. sadly, there's no in-game messaging service so you have to log-in to your Facebook account to chitchat with your game friends. For a beginner player, you don't have to worry just relax and have fun spinning and winning. Try it out for yourself and have fun. Let's play!

    Note: I completed a task in and it involves this game. The task aforementioned inspired me to write this article. Thank you for reading my first article please leave some comments down below. It took me some time to write this and not just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V my way. Pictures are screenshots from the game itself. Did I miss something from the game, just comment it down below? What should I write next? 'Til next time!

    Rate this article Coin Master - Gameplay

    (4.29/5) 325 rates


    i m stage 36
    cooment what stage are you

    2 september 2020 09:58

    this game is fun to play but i hate it when they automagically send a FB message to the person you raided because it annoys them when you dont mean to and it just ruins the fun mood

    16 may 2021 21:07

    I saw many articles on the internet with the same introduction and outline.

    27 july 2020 17:49

    me too i dislike the game

    13 january 2022 23:54

    I played this a lot, there was an easy meta to lvl up but that took too much time, so I gave up eventually, game wasn't fun anymore...

    8 may 2021 22:03

    Honestly....not a big fan of this game. Has very heavy "pay to win" energy. Gave this game a shot, got bombarded with advertisements and offers, got bored very quickly of the gameplay, and in general just not fun at all to me.

    24 july 2020 01:27

    I played this game when there was a task available for this game. Not a big payout but the task easy (get to village 4. No time limit for it if i recall). The game itself is addicting if you like slot games but expect to get raided often. It's rather easy to rack up a lot of coins to complete the first few villages. Though I think it's rather too repetitive so I didn't keep it for long once I got the rewards.

    The article seems good though. Good job.

    29 july 2020 04:39

    I mean this got me intersted in the game but its not like i played it for a long time i just played it for about 30 minutes then deleted the app

    1 march 2021 04:16

    the way you get the coins and upgrade to next level is so satisfying..its a free to play games which everyone can enjoy...theres something interesting and enjoyable for all the ages.

    26 july 2020 02:38

    this is a fun game i like it good article

    16 august 2020 17:38