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    (4.43/5) 122 rates
    kalstrai, 14 january 2020 22:23

    ClonEvolution - The Funny Gotcha

    ClonEvolution is a humorous maybe post-apocalyptic gotcha for Android and IOS. Is it worth downloading? Read on and judge for yourself. 

    ClonEvolution is a tongue-in-cheek game that has you jumping through most of the usual hoops: but with a pretty funny twist. All the characters you're collecting to use in battles and progression are derivatives of real historical, present day or common tropes. The world has ended, but these strong strands of DNA live on through their clones!

    The core of the game is build a team of six characters that can overcome the combative challenges that you're set against. There are two front characters and four back characters. Typically you'll want our beefy tanks up front and your flimsy damage dealers and support characters in the back. Each character has a standard move and then, every 2 moves when their 'rage' meter fills up, they can do their special attack. As you upgrade each character from a single star to five stars and level them up to the respective MAX levels, you'll have the option to upgrade skills that modify standard attacks, special attacks and passive skills. 

    You collect DNA bits for individual characters, or generic DNA bits for a random clone of a specific rarity. (More on that below) Higher class characters (clones) are generally better. Some can be upgraded to the highest rarity type, some have a cap on their upgrade.  

    Gear is up gradable and the highest tier of gear have set bonuses for completing all four pieces in a set. At higher levels, you can bind other clone DNA to a character for significant stat increases. Chips can also be gathered, attached and upgraded. All of this take various materials that are collectible throughout the game.   

    Game Modes
    Every game mode you'd expect is present. There isn't a story line, but there are lots of different ways to get experience, money, bits of specific Clone DNA and other resources. Progress through 50 stages with 7 levels each, gathering rewards as you go. There's four difficulty settings on each of the Campaign levels and you'll need to really think about your teams in order to overcome some of the harder levels. 

    There is a HOST of PVE areas that are individual or Guild based (Co-Op) including the campaign, a daily 'Expedition', an ever descending dungeon to farm chips and a TON of daily quests and weekly challenges, all of which are fairly rewarding. There is an offline element where you will set a team of clones to farm a specific level that you've beaten to gather the resources that are available there.

    PVP is limited to the arena battles but the rankings are competitive and difficult; a good challenge! 


    The clones are what make this game. Find and upgrade Cleopatra or 'Honest Abe' a cyborg spoof on Abraham Lincoln. Iconic figures like Mozart, Shakespeare and Einstein are represented alongside more modern characters like Trump, Elvis and Florence Nightingale. No one is immune from the clone treatment. Clones are available in rarity rankings from grey, to green, to blue, purple, gold and red. Gold and Red clones are only achievable from fusing specific lower ranked clones together in the 'Darwin' lab. End game Red Clones like Undead Rasputin and the Wright Brothers are challenging to get and worth while additions for any team. 

    There isn't one. At all. I have no idea what's going and that's a true fact.

    - Hilarious Clones to collect and improve
    - lots of options for clone improvement
    - a good challenge throughout the levels of the game 

    - some may find the grind of tasks gets meticulous 
    - progress may seem slow, players might be compelled to pay to play for significant advancement. 

    Rate this article ClonEvolution - The Funny Gotcha

    (4.43/5) 122 rates


    Nice game dude and nice article too!

    1 march 2020 16:22

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    21 march 2020 13:48

    it's a great game..
    and i like it..
    just do it..
    and play it..

    19 february 2020 22:18

    2 april 2020 15:41

    Perfect game and article

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    19 december 2020 07:56

    nice article man

    17 june 2020 16:35

    very good article about this game

    3 march 2020 14:33

    The characters look sick. The way they modernize historic figures of the past just intrigues me

    6 february 2020 12:45

    this game soo much fun but not at all

    31 march 2020 10:36