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    Misty, 11 march 2020 13:55

    Best strategy games for PC 2019!

    Strategy games are a very popular genre. Despite many action games or very realistic simulators being available on the market, strategies still attract many players and have their loyal fans. What contributes to their success? Certainly, planning elements which require a logical thinking. It brings a lot of satisfaction! We cordially invite you to learn the titles from the best strategies of 2019 ranking!

    ANNO 1800 is undeniably one of the most popular strategy games. Anno 1800 is the next installment of the series and takes the player to the time of the industrial revolution, during which a lot of geographical and scientific discoveries were made, and industrialization was ubiquitous. Similarly to the previous parts, the player takes on the role of a ruler, on whose shoulders rests the creation of a thriving metropolis. The game begins with a small number of players and a small settlement, which must be scrupulously increased. In order to develop, one should not consider only the transport, production or extraction of raw materials. The well-being of the inhabitants and the demand for specific goods are also equally important. Taking care of all elements is the key to success, but it is not an easy process. The creators of the game have introduced the possibility of conducting diplomacy. Not only alliances can be established with neighbors, but also armed conflicts, which will translate into the economy and development of our land.

    TROPICO 6 is a strategy game kept in a joking convention. This is a city builder game and it is the sixth installment of the series. The roots of the game date back to 2001. As in previous parts of the series, the player must properly manage the banana republic, he must stay in power the longest and achieve the set goals. To do this, one should strive for community support, care for the economy, expand the land and erect new buildings, establish cooperation with neighbors and strangle the opposition. The game mechanics are unchanged, but the developers have introduced some new features which will certainly diversify the gameplay, for example, managing the island complex at the same time. You can now also send spies on long journeys to steal technology, you can also build bridges and tunnels that will connect your locations with each other. Remember that you must have the support of the people at every step!