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    (4.43/5) 56 rates
    Misty, 20 november 2019 10:50

    Aion - review

    Aion is a MMORPG game. It was developed by the Korean studio NCSoft. You can associate them with the Lineage series. Aion takes us into the world of the fantastic land of Atreia, which as a result of the disaster was divided into smaller parts.

    The three main zones are inhabited by separate races. The player has a choice to play as representatives of the Asmodians or Elyos. These families are at odds with each other and, in addition, they are fighting with another Balaur nation controlled by artificial intelligence. They live in a space that is suspended between two continents. They call it the Abyss. All this is very strongly influenced by Aether, a specific magical material that allows, among other things, to float in the air. This is the background to the conflict of three conflicted parties. The game offers PvP gameplay, i.e. player versus player, or PvE player vs. environment.

    I must admit that the story has been thought out and can interest properly. Although the gaming market is full of fantasy publications and sometimes it is hard for the game to surprise with something, Aion does it great. It offers a high level of gameplay to the players . The game is not overly complex, and at the same time, I am sure that boredom is a completely foreign criterion.

    Aion is a game based not only on the fight against enemy monsters. Players have to perform various and varied tasks, and characters can specialize in several additional professions. They can be collectors, smiths, alchemists, charmers, cooks and tailors. However, you can only become a champion in one area. Aion also offers solutions consisting in improving items, extensive maps, the ability to communicate with other players and enter into alliances with them. The game is multidimensional and guarantees very interesting gameplay for long hours.

    The visual setting was created in a pleasing way. Its basis is the CRYEngine engine. The wonderful palette of vibrant colors deserves special attention. Looking at the picture of the game, you really get the impression that the land is a place from a dream. Standard elements are intertwined with fancy details, the characters are extremely refined and there’s not much more to add - they are simply beautiful. Special effects are spectacular and stimulate the imagination. At the same time, the game is not unreal. It must also be admitted that in Aion, it is difficult to find any random or unfinished elements or locations, as it sometimes happens in other games of this type.

    Aion definitely stands out from the crowd of games of the same genre with the encouragingly constructed PvPvE combat system. Players are gradually introduced into it. The initial areas are isolated from the enemy faction and contain only tasks for individual groups or individual daredevils. Portals for enemy areas are unlocked in successive locations, so apart from monsters controlled by artificial intelligence, you often come across a live opponent. The highlight of PvP is Abyss.

    So the game offers gameplay in development mode, not to discourage the player with difficulties. The tasks are tailored to your skills. Initially, a small number of enemies are being killed, then accordingly to the level progression, you are eliminating more and more. Thanks to this, the game does not seem too difficult, but it also isn’t boring. Matching the situation to the skill is a successful procedure that helps to keep the player's interest at the right level.

    Aion's great advantage is free gameplay. You don't have to spend money or buy a subscription to get the most out of it. The game has been quite well optimized and works decently on new equipment, but also with the older ones. Refining the world, offering the possibility of flying characters, captivating story and the possibility of playing with other players, all this contributes to the popularity of Aion and its good ratings. I also share them, I encourage you to try yourself in this fantastic game. It's a position fantasy fans should definitely know.

    Rate this article Aion - review

    (4.43/5) 56 rates

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    Are you an angel? Or maybe a devil? Discover that in AION! Pick from one of the conflicted sides: Asmodian and Elyos, perpetually fighting with each other, or the cruelly evil Balaurs! Make progress as your character by eight different ways, at your own discretion and enjoy the beautiful, open world of Aion. Stunning graphics, w...


    три баготыря

    11 december 2019 12:11


    1 december 2019 15:57

    This game very good I like this game becouse I like pvp

    7 december 2019 17:10

    cool nice artical

    14 december 2019 21:07

    Yeah ive seen this ad so many times on youtube its really cool though im really starting to get into it

    2 december 2019 16:29


    2 december 2019 00:10

    Good game yesss

    14 december 2019 16:12

    Should good

    12 december 2019 13:30

    я сру пу пук пиздец что

    13 december 2019 10:58

    wow ive never heard of this. imma try it out it looks really cool.

    3 december 2019 07:51