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    Rate this article "Agar.io [Online Multi-Player Browser Game] - Review"

    (4.67/5) 6 rates
    noobda, 5 december 2017 20:31

    Agar.io [Online Multi-Player Browser Game] - Review

    I have to say now-a-days, many are playing these online Multi-Player games that don't require much of a hardware except a Potato PC and a browser that works just fine. Well, I'm talking about Agar.io often known to as agario, pronounced as mario but with 'aga'...

    Well, this is a Massive multi player game that involves many players around the world based on the region you live in, this isn't just an online game, this is pretty much available on Android, iOS and PC almost everywhere. All you have to do in this game is EAT and GET Stout, yes that's it, that's the whole point of the game. If you know what I mean...

    Read along to find out more about the game....


    First of all, this is a web based game that has no mandatory requirements, and is online multi player game. Now, many got attention on this game. A similar game is available on steam but isn't as popular as this agar.io, it goes by the name mitos.is, now you know what I'm talking about, what matters is the quality of the game rather than the quantity of itself. Anyway, coming to the game, its just a 2-Dimension game where you control a 'Cell' which has to eat or combine with other cells or food (we call it that way) in order to grow big and consume other players who also start as cells at the start.....The whole game is based on a Petri Dish, so you'll notice something already. Here are some of the details about the game itself, Agar.io:

    • Release date: April 28th 2015
    • Developer: Matheus Valadares
    • Publisher: Miniclip [many of you know miniclip for their web browser based games and flash games on their website, well, this is even on miniclip]
    • Genre: Action Game (somehow)
    • Platforms available: PC, MAC, Android, iOS, Web Browser, Linux [you can just play anywhere with a browser and internet connection]

    The game's start menu looks something like this, if you're wondering:

    Don't bother thinking, the above image if from mobile app, not the browser. The browser one has a lot of ads in it, so didn't dare to clip that one. Ok, so you'll have to pick a name and some image on your cell at the begining depending on your score and stats you'll eventually unlock some things in the game.

    So, how do I play the game and where, you may ask. So, here are those details:

    • Just get your best performing browser [firefox, chrome, edge etc; or whatever you think has minimum lag (important)]
    • Make sure you have a good internet connection without any lag or ping related issues, as this effects your gameplay a lot resulting in sluttering and lagging behind
    • Just hop on to agar.io into your address bar of your browser and you're good to go and greeted with the game's start screen....
    • Or you can just google 'Play Agar.io' and you'll be provided with some links that offer the game along side the main game's website including miniclip, the publisher of the game itself and many other websites to choose from
    • Controls: You'll just have to use your mouse, not even the clicks, just hover over the direction where you wanna go and you'll be moving there in no time, given that you're with pretty decent internet connection
    • You'll have two more controls where you can SPLIT your cell in to two parts so as to move faster with more accuracy, and other control where you can FEED parts of some cells to other people, so as you can reduce in size to move faster
    • Bear in mind that, on consuming more cells/food you'll eventually grow bigger in size which makes you move slower and you'll have to watch out for the SPIKES that are green in colour which will split you into many many pieces, that take time to re-unite

    Above image shows some guys having fun in a game while that green spikey thingy will break everyone above its size into many pieces if you dare to touch or go past it, so make sure you avoid it while playing. I'm attaching some more good game pics just to bring you a nice idea of how you can play the game on levelling up or getting an image on top of your cell looks like...

    This is fun, right? So, what are you waiting for, give this game a shot and try playing this game for some time and you won't regret this game for sure.


    So, I can conclude that this game is pretty good web browser game that has no end until unless you become the stout cell in the lobby of players. Bear in mind that there are no bots in the game, and all you see are real people in the game, that's what makes this game pretty decent and fun. 

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    85% [with 7272 votes]

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Agar.io [Online Multi-Player Browser Game] - Review

    (4.67/5) 6 rates


    Gud article

    17 september 2020 21:29

    Good old days... nice article btw

    1 september 2019 05:01

    This game was one of my favorite when I was a child. So many memories. Great job doing this article.

    29 january 2021 16:55

    very good article

    23 april 2021 12:44

    An old game... I love agario so much

    3 june 2020 08:43

    Old game but is good

    2 september 2019 13:08

    Nice article

    17 november 2019 19:10