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    vadaszcsoki, 19 may 2020 14:48

    A Guide To Urgot-The Dreadnought

    Hello dear League of Legends players, this is a champion guide featuring Urgot The Dreadnought. He belongs to the juggernaut class but he is a special case because he is the only ranged juggernaut.He is a really fun champion and I recommend you to try him out and if you haven't played him, but want to try him out, this guide is for you.
    Also a quick note: If you have seen this article already it is because it was rejected and I have been correcting my mistakes all day. So if you have seen this I kindly ask you that you don't judge it differently when you first read my article. I have been sitting here all day correcting mistakes and trying to get my article accepted, so please, when you see my article for the second, third or even fourth time don't reject it because of spam but accept it so you don't have to see it again!


    • aeZQjwtDYBsxlBbANDKbJ5bYKZwqCE.jpgEchoing Flames(P): Urgot has shotguns for knees. Urgot has a shotgun in each one of his legs(6 in total) and attacking in the direction of one of the shotguns fires it, and puts that knee on a cooldown timer. It deals % max hp damage and ad ratio is increased with level. The timer is reduced with level and deals less damage to the same targets.
    • ouxZRN61z6jjACL0opIWkCGywUfhjH.jpgCorrosive Charge(Q): Urgot's Q is like a mosquito bite. It doesn't hurt but it's annoying. Urgot launches a missile that deals damage in a circle and slows all enemies hit. This ability is good for the slow but that's it. The circle is small, the range isn't long, and the damage is negligible. Maxing this ability first is really dumb because the stats it gives are outclassed by Urgot's W ability.
    • 5Q3gJXFbNzJUthgs2hgvaNtTHfYENc.jpgPurge(W): This ability is Urgot's biggest and most important damage source. Passively Urgot's other abilities apply Purge and the active uses this as a mark system. With the active ability you lose 125 movement speed but you can walk trough units and you are immune to slows. Urgot's attack speed is set to 3.0 and attacks the closest enemy, but prioritizes enemies with Purge mark. Your attacks deal less damage, apply on-hit effects at 33% and cannot critically strike. I usually max this ability first because at max rank the ability can be activated infinitely and doesn't cost any mana.
    • w6vRYWrcZNsc8zyfAdtFdUBsJHa8iP.jpgDisdain(E): Urgot flies forward and suplexes the first enemy hit making it easier for him to trigger the shotguns at his back. The ability has very little damage but the stun and shield it gives makes it worth maxing it 2nd. This is Urgot's only gap closer so use it wisely.
    • 9F4thLb2lFppTnr144927AbAloEZke.jpgFear Beyond Death(R): Urgot fires out a long range drill that damages the first enemy hit and marks them. If the target gets below 25% hp Urgot can cast his R again sending out chains and reels them in, in 1.5 seconds. If he successfully reels them in, the target is executed and all nearby enemies are feared for 1.5 seconds. This ability can be cancelled by Quicksilver Sash(only after the second cast) and ultimates like Tryndamere's ultimate, it also cancels if Urgot dies during the second cast. The damage is negligible but the 25% execute makes it a really good ultimate and the fear is just the cherry on top.


    In lane Urgot has problems with solid trading. His range is very short for a ranged champion and in lane you'll be firing your shotgun knees on the minions, so there won't be much room for trading. You can compensate for this by shooting from an angle with a used shotgun and only slow pushing. However you can go in for trades when the enemy oversteps, or makes a positioning mistake(which is very common in low elo).


    Mid game is one of your strongest points in the game because no one has enough health to stand up against you. Mid game you should look for team fights and by winning them you can further extend your lead. Late game is a strong point for Urgot as well but he's going to have a hard time sticking to enemies and kiting. Another drawback of Urgot is that he is horrible at engaging. If you get engaged on you can use all of your abilities and quickly kill them, but not the other way around.


    For items you usually want to build 2 damage items and 3 tank items with boots. The damage/core items are: Black Cleaver and Death's Dance. For tank items you can build: Righteous Glory, Dead Man's Plate, Warmog's Armor, Sterak's Gage, Guardian Angel or Frozen Mallet. I especially want to highlight Frozen Mallet as it helps you with sticking to enemies and kiting (two of Urgot's biggest weaknesses).


    For runes you should take:
    • Conqueror: For the Sustain it gives in drawn out fights and the bonus damage it gives.
    • Triumph: Triumph is really good rune for fighters like Urgot because of the 12% missing health heal. This heal can sometimes turn the tides of a battle.
    • Legend Tenacity: Since Alacrity isn't that useful when your attack speed is set to 3.0 the only other viable option would be Tenacity or Bloodline. Bloodline is not a bad option but Tenacity is a much better rune especially in team fights.
    • Coup de Grace: Coup de Grace pairs perfectly well with his ultimate, and helps with the extra damage needed to take your enemy to 25% health for your ultimate execute. You can switch it to Last Stand but it isn't as good as Coup de Grace

    This is the rune page I usually use on UrgotNLQnKwlNVpKXJbSnPHS3HEGTW0FX2p.png

    Thank you for reading this far!

    I hope you can take something away from this short description/guide of Urgot and you got the courage to try him out. I just got into making guides in League of Legends and if this article could get accepted, it would be a huge source of motivation to make guides for other champions! And if you reject this article at least let me know why so I can make the guide better. And if I haven't said this enough: Shotgun knees.

    Rate this article A Guide To Urgot-The Dreadnought

    (4.78/5) 18 rates

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    Thank you for your article. Informative images as well. A "ranged juggernaut", that almost seems like an oxymoron to me, lol.

    30 october 2021 16:13

    Wow great article bro. I like this game very much.

    30 august 2021 08:23

    I heard that people was calling Urgot an hero when the game was first created. Let's see if it's still true.

    2 june 2021 05:58

    Thanks foe article . And game is nice .Thanks foe article . And game is nice .

    19 august 2021 20:00

    Thank you so muhc very helpful article 😇

    2 february 2021 18:28

    One of the best champ in Leauge of legends. After poppy this is my favorite Champ.

    18 february 2021 20:21


    19 january 2021 06:30

    Thanks foe article . And game is nice .

    20 january 2021 13:56

    Great work on the article!

    19 may 2020 15:03

    wow i like this article and game nice article

    16 january 2021 17:49